poster77142205I had planned to do a little motorcycle ride this afternoon but right now the smoke from all those fires is pretty thick so I’ll stay indoors instead. I am not a fan of smoke. In fact I never even liked camp fires because of the smoke. As far as cigarette smokers go they can just go away. I don’t even like smelling their clothes. I wonder if the smokers are enjoying the forest fires? Maybe they can save a few bucks on their nasty habit by sticking their heads out the window?

Yesterday afternoon the smoke wasn’t nearly as bad so I went up to Butte Falls and watched the BF Loggers kick the crap out of the Powers Cruisers. It was a pretty lopsided game at 60-6. In fact the Loggers had a shutout going until the very last play of the game. One of the football players, Harley, said “I hope they don’t score on the last play of the game” just as the Cruisers were putting the ball into play. A couple of missed tackles later and the Cruisers were in the end zone. Talk about jinxing yourself huh?

There are rumors of a Geocaching Event being held in the town of Butte Falls next month. I haven’t done any caching for a few months now and this could be a great way to get me started up again, especially since it’s around the time of the year where there isn’t much else to do. The event isn’t placed yet so who knows if it will come off or not. I’ll find out when it’s listed, if it’s listed. I think they were talking about putting it in the Totem Pole. No, they have a new name now, it’s Sugarpine something or other. I dunno. Names shouldn’t be changed unless you’re running from the law.

Well I have been listening to screams ever since I started writing this. My mother in law lives on our property just across the driveway from us in a nice manufactured home. She has some pretty painful conditions going on and there isn’t a heck of a lot we can do for her. Besides a painful spine she has shingles and coping with it is pretty rough. I used to run over there each time I heard her but there’s nothing I can do, she just wants to scream to offset the pain I guess. Shitty deal. Well I’m going to regret this but I’m off to go check on her.


MacKenzie Phillips and Papa Phillips

Mackenzie_PhillipsRemember Mackenzie Phillips? She had a brief career as an actress on “One Day At A Time” where she co-starred with Valerie Bertinelli back in the 70’s. She also had some attempts as a singer. She’s the daughter of Mamas and Papas singer John Phillips but she’s best know in the tabloids as a drug abuser and train wreck. I suppose she’s easy to lump in with all those other child stars that found themselves spiraling out of control after they grew up.

But Mackenzie’s 15 minutes aren’t up just yet and it gets pretty damn ugly.

Mackenzie has written a “tell all” book that talks about the night before her wedding at age 18. She was stoned and out when she woke up to find her daddy John Phillips having sex with her. Those are her words. I think it’s more like “she woke up to find daddy raping her”. She goes on to talk about how 3 years later she started waking up and discovering her panties down around her ankles and a couple of years later she claims the sex became consensual. Her stepmother, Michelle Phillips, has said that Phillips is imagining what happened. Her half sister Chynna said the stories are too incredible to be made up.

True? Not true? I can’t say for certain but sadly this story has the ring of truth about it. My thoughts at this point turn to you daddys out there since what’s happend to Mackenzie is over with and the damage is already done.

So daddy do you have urges? Urges you don’t talk about and in fact don’t even think about unless you’re either drunk or high? Don’t go see a counselor or any shrink. They can’t help you. If you have those urges they won’t go away and maybe some day you’ll act on them. Maybe in fact you already have. I have some solid advice for you guys that will enhance that precious little girl you love so much. Go away from the home. Take a nice drive out into the country. Find yourself a secluded spot and pull over. Take the gun, put it firmly against your temple and pull the damn trigger. If you have an ounce of humanity left in you go for it. Don’t be a pussy, if you ever loved your child get it over with today.

If you don’t have the guts to take the step yourself then turn yourself into the authorities and give them vidid details including your urge to do even more. When they put you in prison go up to some Hells Angel looking guy and tell him you like screwing little kids. That should sort out the issue forever.

Obama Lied

I have to admit, I am furious today. According to the Washington Times, and other news venues, Obama has now said it would be a good idea to basically provide amnesty to illegal aliens to make the debate on them moot. Joe Wilson, a man who was apparently fed up with this administration, interrupted the President regarding health care for illegals, I’m sure most people know the story. A lot of our leaders have expressed outrage at his outburst. But how many are willing to admit he was right? Here we now have Obama proving Joe to have been absolutely correct by demonstrating himself that he did lie. It is technically true that he doesn’t intend to provide health care to illegal aliens, instead he wants to legalize them and then give them health care. So he didn’t really lie, but Joe Wilson was right. Obama lied. Most of us know what a lie is. It is dishonesty in communication. What a normal, average person would believe from the part of Obama’s speech on Health Care that Wilson called a lie, is that Obama has no intention of adding to the financial burden of the Health Care Bill by paying for the health care of an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens. What it is now apparent is that he intends to do precisely that, he just wants to make them no longer illegal. That means he lied. His words were true, but they hid his real intention. That, for the simple minded people who still believe in The One, is what a lie is.

This is equivelant to telling someone that you will not steal their wallet, then taking it, removing all the cash and credit cards and returning the wallet and then telling them you kept your promise. Obama also said in his speech that although he inherited a $1 trillion deficit, this health care plan will not add to it. Of course not. It will add to the $3 trillion deficit his actions have so far added to that. This man, who is our president, does not deserve uninterrupted speech.

A Liberal Viewpoint on Jaycee Dugan

I’m going to cut and paste a comment that was send to me in regards to my opinion about the piece of shit rapist that held Jaycee Dugan a captive and sexual partner from age 11 on. Tell me what you think of this.
Submitted on 2009/09/19 at 10:09pm

I am one of those liberals mentioned above. I believe in the value of human life even if its merely feces with a heartbeat. ALL humans have value! Therefore my solution to people like Garrido and all others who are sadly incarcerated for violent crimes they may not have committed if they had been raised with more care and affection: operate on them. If we have been able to map the human brain enough to know what parts produce pleasure, pain, sexual impulses, violence, etc why not use it to uncover these people value? I for one would prefer my child have a surgical swizzle stick inserted in his/her brain than be electrocuted. Think about it…these people are already financial wards of the state. If we can render them docile and utterly harmless and sexless then they can become trustworthy state employees. In prison they are fed and given medical services, why not keep them in less severe accommodations while they earn enough money to pay their keep and make restitution to their victims? Even the simplest minds can do work of some kind. In all honesty I don’t know why this isn’t considered. Is it so different from chemical castration or lethal injection? Castration is useless because violence and control is often the root cause of rape, even with children, but cauterize their violence lobe and we probably won’t hear from them again unless they’re singing in the church choir or washing cars at a government corp yard (no offense to those who do this for a living). Maybe they could live on working farms and grow food for hungry people, or build homes, etc. In this way they can not only use the value they possess but it would also relieve California’s jail problems.

So the rapist needed to be given a break? He was sadly incarcerated? The sad part is too bad he was let out after raping a woman and allowed to kidnap and turn an 11 year old into a sexual slave.

I like this part…..

If we can render them docile and utterly harmless and sexless then they can become trustworthy state employees.

So let’s do a science experiment and render them harmless. Can’t be done. First of all you could have cut off this piece of shits dick and he still wasn’t going to be harmless. We can turn them into something valuable? Of course if they’ve committed a crime lets make them state employees. Oh wait, it’s the violence lobe that’s the problem. Of course other liberals would rant about a rapists rights so……….

I think these pieces of shit do have value. They can help the garden grow. I say we plant them along a row of tomatoes. No upkeep for any length of time and the tomatoes can be sold for a profit.

But the liberal answer for a violent piece of shit is to give him a little medical procedure and a job.

fucking perfect

The Trip Is Over

biketrainI pulled in a few minutes ago from a week long road trip on my motorcycle. I visited a couple of friends and didn’t visit a couple of others. All in all it was good and it isn’t so good being home as the Mother In Law laid the guilt trip on me as I was pulling in the driveway. I mentioned the driveway wasn’t a one way street. But enough of that.

If you’re a motorcyclist you’ve noticed that other bikers wave at you as you pass by. That is unless you’re in the greater state of Californicate. As soon as I got out of the cascades bikers just ignored me. I remember living there and I don’t remember being a total dickhead. One after another they passed me by. Now I can understand being ignored on the freeway or even in a busy part of town but this is places like highway 49 which is lightly traveled out side of towns. Well fuckem. Not my brothers I guess.

The photo was taken near Dunsmuir at the Railroad Park. They have quite the setup there with accommodations for overnight sleeping, in a caboose. It’s kind of pricey considering there isn’t a casino on site but if you’re into something different style why not check it out?

I’ve got a few TV shows to catch up on such as Sons of Anarchy so it’s DVR time

Kanye West The Asshat

kanyeWho is Kanye West? Just some racist dickweed attention whore that sells a few records every so often. Not very many records these days as he felt the need to grab the spotlight from Taylor Swift who’s just a kid who sells a lot of records.

You see this Kanye Worst is banging Beyonce, a banging entertainer in her own right. Taylor and Beyonce were up for the same award and Taylor won the award. It was the MTV awards and they don’t normally give many country western artists anything so it was quite the honor for Taylor. But when Taylor was starting her thankyous Kanye jumps up on stage, rips the microphone out of Taylors hand and goes on and on about how his girlfriend should have won.

How much coke does this idiot ram up his nose anyway?

Later, to make amends, Kanye apologized to Taylor. Did he call her up? Call her record company or producer to get in touch with her?

Nope he writes it in his blog. As if Taylor Swift reads the hiphopsters blog in the first place.

Pretty weak asshole. Pretty weak.

Friday Nights in the Sticks.

footballSo I’ve found myself getting a bit worked up lately. Mostly over The Obama but also over child raping pedophiles and a general sense of wasting time in Oregon. So I tried to return to doing some things I enjoy such as riding motorcycles and checking out a local football game.

I used to coach the boys football team up in Butte Falls and while all my former players are gone I do know most of the kids playing for them. Butte Falls plays in 8 man football since they have an enrollment of only 73 students, total. There are no grandstands in Butte Falls so you just walk along the sidelines following the action. There are 13 boys total on the team right now and 8 of them are seniors so they need to do it this year or it ain’t happening for awhile. In fact they may not even be able to field a team next season.

But it appears that they have a genuine shot at winning state this year. They need some luck with injuries as two of the skill players ended up hurt by the end of last season. I’ll be rooting for them as much as possible this season. I suppose I should charge up my good camera and shoot some photos of them too.

I also really love riding the motorcycle. It’s going to be miserable weather before long so I’d better get some riding in. On Monday I plan to ride down into California and visit a friend that lives in Grizzly Flats. After a couple of days there I’ll go visit whoever answers their phone so who knows how long I’ll be gone. Probably just a few days, who knows. If I had been able to get the new Gold Wing I would have been gone most of the summer on it but I’m still on the cruiser and I don’t like long days on that bike.

I also have responsibility of watching over my Mother In Law. Personally I’m not so crazy about her but my wife was great with my mom (who wasn’t fucking nuts) so I have to return the favor. She’s always in a lot of pain and I’m always driving her around to doctor visits and shit like that. She’s pretty spacey these days with all the drugs she’s on so having a conversation with her can be a challenge. Now if you enjoy repeating yourself every few minutes you’d like chatting with her.

I think if I lived in California the state would pay me to hang out with her. I can’t imagine why they’re broke.

I didn’t talk about the World Trade Center for a reason. When I started writing about it I got too pissed.