A Liberal Viewpoint on Jaycee Dugan

I’m going to cut and paste a comment that was send to me in regards to my opinion about the piece of shit rapist that held Jaycee Dugan a captive and sexual partner from age 11 on. Tell me what you think of this.
Submitted on 2009/09/19 at 10:09pm

I am one of those liberals mentioned above. I believe in the value of human life even if its merely feces with a heartbeat. ALL humans have value! Therefore my solution to people like Garrido and all others who are sadly incarcerated for violent crimes they may not have committed if they had been raised with more care and affection: operate on them. If we have been able to map the human brain enough to know what parts produce pleasure, pain, sexual impulses, violence, etc why not use it to uncover these people value? I for one would prefer my child have a surgical swizzle stick inserted in his/her brain than be electrocuted. Think about it…these people are already financial wards of the state. If we can render them docile and utterly harmless and sexless then they can become trustworthy state employees. In prison they are fed and given medical services, why not keep them in less severe accommodations while they earn enough money to pay their keep and make restitution to their victims? Even the simplest minds can do work of some kind. In all honesty I don’t know why this isn’t considered. Is it so different from chemical castration or lethal injection? Castration is useless because violence and control is often the root cause of rape, even with children, but cauterize their violence lobe and we probably won’t hear from them again unless they’re singing in the church choir or washing cars at a government corp yard (no offense to those who do this for a living). Maybe they could live on working farms and grow food for hungry people, or build homes, etc. In this way they can not only use the value they possess but it would also relieve California’s jail problems.

So the rapist needed to be given a break? He was sadly incarcerated? The sad part is too bad he was let out after raping a woman and allowed to kidnap and turn an 11 year old into a sexual slave.

I like this part…..

If we can render them docile and utterly harmless and sexless then they can become trustworthy state employees.

So let’s do a science experiment and render them harmless. Can’t be done. First of all you could have cut off this piece of shits dick and he still wasn’t going to be harmless. We can turn them into something valuable? Of course if they’ve committed a crime lets make them state employees. Oh wait, it’s the violence lobe that’s the problem. Of course other liberals would rant about a rapists rights so……….

I think these pieces of shit do have value. They can help the garden grow. I say we plant them along a row of tomatoes. No upkeep for any length of time and the tomatoes can be sold for a profit.

But the liberal answer for a violent piece of shit is to give him a little medical procedure and a job.

fucking perfect


One Response to “A Liberal Viewpoint on Jaycee Dugan”

  1. Beaver Lover Says:

    No Mercy.. Put a bullet in his head (and all others like him) and save us the headache of having to babysit the SOB for the next 30-40 years..

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