Friday Nights in the Sticks.

footballSo I’ve found myself getting a bit worked up lately. Mostly over The Obama but also over child raping pedophiles and a general sense of wasting time in Oregon. So I tried to return to doing some things I enjoy such as riding motorcycles and checking out a local football game.

I used to coach the boys football team up in Butte Falls and while all my former players are gone I do know most of the kids playing for them. Butte Falls plays in 8 man football since they have an enrollment of only 73 students, total. There are no grandstands in Butte Falls so you just walk along the sidelines following the action. There are 13 boys total on the team right now and 8 of them are seniors so they need to do it this year or it ain’t happening for awhile. In fact they may not even be able to field a team next season.

But it appears that they have a genuine shot at winning state this year. They need some luck with injuries as two of the skill players ended up hurt by the end of last season. I’ll be rooting for them as much as possible this season. I suppose I should charge up my good camera and shoot some photos of them too.

I also really love riding the motorcycle. It’s going to be miserable weather before long so I’d better get some riding in. On Monday I plan to ride down into California and visit a friend that lives in Grizzly Flats. After a couple of days there I’ll go visit whoever answers their phone so who knows how long I’ll be gone. Probably just a few days, who knows. If I had been able to get the new Gold Wing I would have been gone most of the summer on it but I’m still on the cruiser and I don’t like long days on that bike.

I also have responsibility of watching over my Mother In Law. Personally I’m not so crazy about her but my wife was great with my mom (who wasn’t fucking nuts) so I have to return the favor. She’s always in a lot of pain and I’m always driving her around to doctor visits and shit like that. She’s pretty spacey these days with all the drugs she’s on so having a conversation with her can be a challenge. Now if you enjoy repeating yourself every few minutes you’d like chatting with her.

I think if I lived in California the state would pay me to hang out with her. I can’t imagine why they’re broke.

I didn’t talk about the World Trade Center for a reason. When I started writing about it I got too pissed.


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