The Trip Is Over

biketrainI pulled in a few minutes ago from a week long road trip on my motorcycle. I visited a couple of friends and didn’t visit a couple of others. All in all it was good and it isn’t so good being home as the Mother In Law laid the guilt trip on me as I was pulling in the driveway. I mentioned the driveway wasn’t a one way street. But enough of that.

If you’re a motorcyclist you’ve noticed that other bikers wave at you as you pass by. That is unless you’re in the greater state of Californicate. As soon as I got out of the cascades bikers just ignored me. I remember living there and I don’t remember being a total dickhead. One after another they passed me by. Now I can understand being ignored on the freeway or even in a busy part of town but this is places like highway 49 which is lightly traveled out side of towns. Well fuckem. Not my brothers I guess.

The photo was taken near Dunsmuir at the Railroad Park. They have quite the setup there with accommodations for overnight sleeping, in a caboose. It’s kind of pricey considering there isn’t a casino on site but if you’re into something different style why not check it out?

I’ve got a few TV shows to catch up on such as Sons of Anarchy so it’s DVR time


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