poster77142205I had planned to do a little motorcycle ride this afternoon but right now the smoke from all those fires is pretty thick so I’ll stay indoors instead. I am not a fan of smoke. In fact I never even liked camp fires because of the smoke. As far as cigarette smokers go they can just go away. I don’t even like smelling their clothes. I wonder if the smokers are enjoying the forest fires? Maybe they can save a few bucks on their nasty habit by sticking their heads out the window?

Yesterday afternoon the smoke wasn’t nearly as bad so I went up to Butte Falls and watched the BF Loggers kick the crap out of the Powers Cruisers. It was a pretty lopsided game at 60-6. In fact the Loggers had a shutout going until the very last play of the game. One of the football players, Harley, said “I hope they don’t score on the last play of the game” just as the Cruisers were putting the ball into play. A couple of missed tackles later and the Cruisers were in the end zone. Talk about jinxing yourself huh?

There are rumors of a Geocaching Event being held in the town of Butte Falls next month. I haven’t done any caching for a few months now and this could be a great way to get me started up again, especially since it’s around the time of the year where there isn’t much else to do. The event isn’t placed yet so who knows if it will come off or not. I’ll find out when it’s listed, if it’s listed. I think they were talking about putting it in the Totem Pole. No, they have a new name now, it’s Sugarpine something or other. I dunno. Names shouldn’t be changed unless you’re running from the law.

Well I have been listening to screams ever since I started writing this. My mother in law lives on our property just across the driveway from us in a nice manufactured home. She has some pretty painful conditions going on and there isn’t a heck of a lot we can do for her. Besides a painful spine she has shingles and coping with it is pretty rough. I used to run over there each time I heard her but there’s nothing I can do, she just wants to scream to offset the pain I guess. Shitty deal. Well I’m going to regret this but I’m off to go check on her.


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