Obama Lied

I have to admit, I am furious today. According to the Washington Times, and other news venues, Obama has now said it would be a good idea to basically provide amnesty to illegal aliens to make the debate on them moot. Joe Wilson, a man who was apparently fed up with this administration, interrupted the President regarding health care for illegals, I’m sure most people know the story. A lot of our leaders have expressed outrage at his outburst. But how many are willing to admit he was right? Here we now have Obama proving Joe to have been absolutely correct by demonstrating himself that he did lie. It is technically true that he doesn’t intend to provide health care to illegal aliens, instead he wants to legalize them and then give them health care. So he didn’t really lie, but Joe Wilson was right. Obama lied. Most of us know what a lie is. It is dishonesty in communication. What a normal, average person would believe from the part of Obama’s speech on Health Care that Wilson called a lie, is that Obama has no intention of adding to the financial burden of the Health Care Bill by paying for the health care of an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens. What it is now apparent is that he intends to do precisely that, he just wants to make them no longer illegal. That means he lied. His words were true, but they hid his real intention. That, for the simple minded people who still believe in The One, is what a lie is.

This is equivelant to telling someone that you will not steal their wallet, then taking it, removing all the cash and credit cards and returning the wallet and then telling them you kept your promise. Obama also said in his speech that although he inherited a $1 trillion deficit, this health care plan will not add to it. Of course not. It will add to the $3 trillion deficit his actions have so far added to that. This man, who is our president, does not deserve uninterrupted speech.


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  1. brittanicus Says:

    The only way that Congress will pass immigration reform, is by–FORCING—it through the House and Senate? There is the gigantic obstacle of public opinion on this conflagration of an issues and it will only be enacted over the dead carcasses of the American culture. We have already seen the utter indifference of our legislators who have trampled on citizens rights to allow millions of cheap foreign labor past our borders and ports of entry. They have spawned awesome lies, to cater to the business world, whose wealthy favors have performed for those in seats of power. In the majority of laws passed by both Democrats and Republicans, the overall authority–THE PEOPLE–have intentionally been left with no redress? This is likely to happen with another path to citizenship, whom by no means deserves such an award. They knew full well the consequences of breaking into another country and should bare the penalty of deportation.

    Compassion doesn’t enter the situation, because in most other countries deportation is far from the worst solution that awaits you? We are governed by the “Rule of Law” and without it; we would become just another dictatorship. Last time there was a very lenient AMNESTY, the whole enactment turned into fraudulent pantomime. Our country cannot afford to keep turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption in Washington? This time the American people are fully united in a cause to stop this path to citizenship, because the outcome is exorbitant taxes to support those already here and those who will descend on us afterwards? The conveyor belt must be stopped or our beautiful country will turn into a toilet bowl of poverty stricken foreigners, who do not assimilate and have no intentions of speaking the common language.

    In nighttime committees they have secretly under funded the border fence, 287 G, a federal training program to apprehend illegal aliens on the streets and highway by the police. They have all but rescinded the no-match-letter, to disclose illegal immigrants in the factory, office, store or any industry. ICE raids have been smothered by a lady Napolitano with questionable excuses? Then pro-illegal immigration comrades Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi tried to restrain E-Verify, the verification identity process available on any computer, but were defeated by the voices of millions of the US population. Both have very low rating in the public domain; both are elected officials of massive illegal families in their home states.

    Now in corrupted legislation they want to count the 20 million plus illegal immigrants in the 2010 census, and thereby stealing congressional seats from states with smaller populations who should be receiving the correct slice of federal billion dollar funding. California–the SANCTUARY STATE–should be cut off sharply from any extra money from the government, owing that they genuflected to the foreign invasion and released millions of dollars in citizen welfare, to any body not legally in this country. Some Border States cities are more like third world enclaves, instead of the 1980’s shining metropolises. Our health care has suffered almost irreparable damage from free treatment, our schools and other public services have also been jettisoned to attain more indigent foreign labor.

    All the billions spent should have been allocated to repairing our collapsing infrastructure, instead of pandering to the business consortium’s, congregational religion, unions, mega business entities and a nefarious mix of ethnic organizations. Don’t let your politicians of the hook. Contact them at 202-224-3121 and demand–NO MORE– Immigration Reform. Find out who is undermining immigration enforcement laws, and remember to throw them out of office. There is a distinct smell of corruption in the hierarchy on the Potomac that you need to learn about at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH.

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