Healthcare…Was Pelosi an Obama Mistake?


gview2So has there ever been a more disliked Speaker of the House than the queen of lift and botox Nancy Pelosi? Already there is talk of a democrat revolution in Congress as quite a few congressmen said they would not vote for her again as Speaker. Having spent a lot of time in my life in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m well aware of Pelosi’s hairbrained ideals and her penchant to lash out at anyone who’s got her figured out.

Now since you and I know what a stupid bitch she is why didn’t Obama? Why did he put all his hopes for a socialist takeover of the healthcare system in that dingdongs hands? Now it’s being said that HE, The Obama himself needs to write his own healthcare plan and sell that to the people. Step away from the dumbshits who’ve been pushing his agenda and push his own. So far it’s been a “LETS PASS SOMETHING” agenda and most of us have figured him out for who he is, the second coming of Karl Marx.

A friend sent me this two page letter that I’ve posted here. I suggest clicking on both pages and checking them out. It is well written and it points out the bitches hypocrisy. Well at least some of her hypocrisy. There isn’t enough room to list all of it but the writer of the letter does a good job. Thanks to my buddy Chris for sending it to me.

So Pelosi and others such as Senate majority leader Reid have spent the past month calling protestors of their socialist takeover everything from Nazi’s to criminals. How has that worked out for them? Well Obama’s ratings are falling faster than the stock market did last fall and A week before congress comes back, the latest Rasmussen report — released yesterday –found that 57% of American voters “would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again.”

So keep up the good work. Click on that link to the right of my page and send your elected officals a note, email or even call them on the phone and voice your opinion. We can’t let up. These are hardened socialists and they need to be stopped. Only one thing can change a socialists mind and that is their loss of power. Let them know you’re watching and waiting.


Jaycee Dugan’s Monster

GarridoFritzl1_1471527cThis piece of rotting shit was on my mind last night. I should have been sleeping but instead I imagined how I would torture this bastard if I could get my hands on him. None of my fantasy’s were really satisfying so if you have any ideas please let me know. I will enjoy every contribution.

There have been some new details since yesterday. First of all poor Jaycee Dugan is as screwed up as I feared she would be. She seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome where a captive becomes very attached to their captor no matter how horrible their treatment. Jaycee was raped by this shitpile from age 11. He took long enough off from raping her so she could have his baby at age 14, and then another one 3 years later. Her stepfather says that Jaycee considers Phillip Garrido to be her husband. That’s pretty sad but not unusual. Jaycee’s daughters are 15 and 11 years old now. I found a photo of them online but since they are minors and I won’t spread their image until it becomes wide spread.

Another thing that came to light is that Phillip Garrido was a convicted and registered sex offender. He got twice monthly visits from a parole officer at his home in Antioch. You know about this home already, the same place Jaycee and her daughters were being kept in a fucking shed. Starting to feel better about our justice system yet? Now Phillip Garrido wasn’t convicted for looking at young kids photos. He had to act shit out.

Phillip Garrido spent the 1970s on one debauchery after another: LSD trips, cocaine binges, pot smoking, public masturbation. Then in 1976, he found a new way to indulge his twisted sexual fantasies.

He kidnapped a woman from a South Lake Tahoe parking lot, handcuffed her, took four hits of acid and raped the victim in a storage unit in Reno. The investigator in the case described the storage unit as a “sex palace,” with various sex aids, pornography, stage lights and wine.

In 1977, Garrido was sentenced to 50 years for the kidnapping conviction and life for the rape conviction, but he was granted parole in 1988 for reasons that only a fucking idiot would understand. That was way before the state of California started holding garage sales. Can’t afford to keep someone this dangerous in jail? Oh wait, have to give illegals health care instead. OK, got ya, priorities.

When I was in high school back in the early 60’s a friends cousin was arrested for rape. The rapist got neutered in order to reduce his sentence. Don’t they do that any longer? What The fuck am I thinking about??? Of course not. In fact these days we’d rather release a terrorist and investigate the men and women who interrorgated the terrorist and protected America instead.

Our justice system is a mess. Jaycee Dugan and her family paid a huge price. The only hope I have, as far as justice goes, is that some stand up prisoner WILL take this piece of shit out. Maybe we need to throw the monsters parole officer in the mix while we’re at it.

Jaycee Dugan Comes Home

jayceeThe good news is that Jaycee Dugan has been returned home 18 years after she was kidnapped in front of her stepfather who became the lead suspect in her abduction. She was 11 at the time and she was kept as a sex slave and fathered two children now ages 15 and 11 with her abductor. As most important cases are solved it was simply a combination of luck and good fortune that got her back into the arms of her distraught family. Good detective work doesn’t happen too often in these cases. It usually comes down to luck.

Jaycee and her children were kept in a shed in the back yard of a run down Antioch California home with the neighbors not having a clue about any of this. None of them ever went to school or saw a doctor or dentist in the entire time. They had an extension cord for power and a hole in the ground for a toliet. Hard to imagine isn’t it? Sort of like a camping excursion with an occasional rape thrown into the mix for a lifestyle.

So the losers that kidnapped her were Phillip and Nancy Garridos. Two pieces of shit that really deserve a lot more than is headed their way. I believe they’ve confessed so it should mean “justice” of sorts will happen soon. I’m thinking the real justice will be doled out by large prisoners who will enjoy some ass raping when it’s let out by the guards that they have some real celebrity child rapists as new neighbors. Now I’d pay to see that.

Lock them up, waterboard the shit out of them and kill anyone that think these two can be rehabilitated.

Mary Jo Kopechne’s Friend Ted Kennedy Dies

So last night Edward Kennedy passed away. The man who cared about the little people. The man that cared about health care and minimum wage. The man that would have would have been President if that stupid Mary Jo Kopechne could swim a little better. I can mourn his death as a human being but I’m glad he’s no longer in the Senate. I don’t mourn the passing of his political career. That career should have ended when he left the scene of a fatal accident and hid long enough to sober up. I’m certain they’ll replace him with someone equally as liberal but the hypocrisy of this guy was pretty tough to take. Oh the caption on that photo of him was his actual words as he was speaking about Mexicans trying to enter the United States.

So who will carry on the proud tradition of being a Kennedy politician. The most recent one of course was Caroline Kennedy who, you know, really, you know, really, you know, wanted to be a, you know, US Senator from you know New York with zero qualifications (remember the blast on Sarah Palin, an actual governor) but then changed her mind after a brief period of time. I suspect she had tax issues as most elected and appointed democrats in the Obama administration do. Well maybe someday a Kennedy will come along with no tax or legal issues. I know it’s asking a lot of a Kennedy to obey laws but you never know.

Oh and this is the last vision of Mary Jo Kopechne that anyone had.

Mary Jo Kopechne

McCain Gets Booed Today

So today the lead RINO John McCain had a negative reaction when he insisted that The Obama respected the consititution. McCain is in a battle to retrain his Senate Seat and I think he made a huge mistake. Let the fucking liberals vote as a block and hopefully the RINO’s will get in line with republicans and vote as a block against it. Since the American people are very much against any form of government health care they need to stand fast and not be such a dumbshit as McCain was. Watch the video.

Now while The Obama took time from his vacation at Marxist Vineyard today he took credit for turning us away from The Greatest Depression. Do any of you dumbshits actually believe that? Here take a look at a little graph that displays the deficit against the share of the GDP.


That should scare you. Those of you with baked brains say it’s all Bush’s fault and in your little haze I’m sure you believe that but sober up long enough to face a few simple facts. The Obama’s White House and the Congressional Budget Office told us that current U.S. fiscal policy is “borrow and spend” on a hyperlink. The good news is the deficit for 2009 will be “only” $1.58 trillion, about $250 billion lower than expected thanks to less need for TARP funds. But the Obama fiscal plan envisions $9 trillion in new borrowing over the next decade, which is $2 trillion more debt than the White House predicted earlier this year. The 2010 deficit also rises by about as much as the 2009 deficit falls from January, so even the TARP windfall gets spent.

These deficit estimates are driven entirely by more domestic spending and already assume huge new tax increases. CBO predicts that debt held by the public as a share of GDP, which was 40.8% in 2008, will rise to 67.8% in 2019—and then keep climbing after that. CBO says this is “unsustainable,” but even this forecast may be optimistic.

So it was way too high at 40.8 under Bush but you dumbshits elected an idiot who will drive it up close to 70%. Add the health care bullshit on top of it and you’ll have a collaspe. It will be all Bush’s fault of course because that’s what you want to believe.

You’d better write your elected officials and write them today. The link to them is on the right side of this page. Don’t screw around, write them. Our newly elected hyper liberal Senator in Oregon Jeff Merkley today stated that the current plan for health care won’t happen this year and probably never happen. Don’t let that smoke screen make you confident. His office has been swamped with emails, letters and phone calls. He knows how we feel. But when Reid corners him for a vote he’ll cave in because he’s a fucking rubber stamp for Obama.


Ryan Jenkins Found Dead

So the dirtbag that was on the reality show “Megan Wants A Millionaire” was found dead in a cheap motel room in Canada. I guess that’s a good thing. I love it when pussy women killers muster up enough balls to off themselves. Not all of them manage to do that. Here is a little video of the dead model/ex-wife Jasmine Fiore as she’s on the red carpet with the UFC fighter Chuck Liddel. The video shows that she had well done implants and since she was missing all her teeth and fingers it was the implants that gave away her identity.

Obviously VH-1 did not properly vett this loser as he had a criminal record for domestic violence. Rather than finding him dead I wish they had found him nearly dead with Chuck Liddel cleaning blood off of his own knuckles. I don’t doubt that Chuck would have enjoyed landing a few overhand rights. I know he would. He landed lots of overhand rights on people who weren’t total scumbags.

Megan Hausermann gave a radio interview and that’s available on youtube also but it was boring and only featured a photo of Megan. BTW google Megan and you get to see her naked. What fun for you, homework.

141c913I’ve been a 49ers fan for as long as I’ve known about football. Growing up in the shadow of Kezer Stadium probably had something to do with that. Younger fans hope the Niners go back to their glory days as the past few years have been pretty rough. But those of us who are older and were fans before the “glory” days remember teams that couldn’t win more than a couple of games a year. If we beat the LA Rams it was a good season. Usually we’d have a good offense or a good defense but never both at the same time. So along came Bill Walsh and a couple of players to lend his genius a hand. Montana, Lott and Rice of course are the ones that always come to mind and they should, they were probably the best ever at their position in the history of football. They had a lot of help also and those 9ers back in the 80’s were a lot of fun to watch.

Then we fast forward to last night when the current set of 49ers stumbled to a preseason win against a bigger shit team than they are, the Oakland Raiders. Although I grew up in the Bay Area I never wanted to change teams and root for those whiny bitches. They gloated and crowed when they won and the Raiders had some interesting characters during their winning days but when they started to lose it was excuses and tears. The 9ers leg whip, they hold, they cheat. It just made me smile. But now it’s tough to smile at what’s going on the field for either team. I have the DVR so at least I can fast forward through all the bullshit and condense watching a game into a half hour or so.

It’s a nice sunny day and I’m going to head out into the shop and change the oil on my motorcycle and take it for a spin. While I pretty much hate living in Oregon with every fiber of my body I will say that where I live has some great motorcycle roads. Well they’re great for 6 months of the year. The rest of the year it’s icy. So seeya later suckas I’m outtie.