Jaycee Dugards Daughters

Jaycee-Dugard-Daughters-PhotosThis is a blurred recent photo of both of Jaycee Dugards children bore to her by the rapist Phillip Garrido. They are reportedly with their mother in a motel visiting with their grandma right now. What a long road ahead for all of them. I know everyone hopes the best for them.

But what shocked you the most about this case? The fact that Jaycee was raped from age 11 on and had two children, one of whom is now 11? Or was it the fact that she just got out of there alive 18 years later? What about the fact that Jaycee’s two girls have never been to school? That they’ve grown up prisoners in the backyard of an abductor’s house?

Did it shock you most that a neighbor admitted to seeing tents and hearing children, but when she expressed concern, her husband told her to leave it alone?

Did it shock you most that the suspect considered himself religious? That he claimed the Lord spoke to him? That he registered a corporation called Gods Desire?

Or that he had a printing business and customers? That he moved through this country undetected, and came home night after night to a backyard prison holding a child he allegedly raped and the children she bore – and he went on like this for nearly two decades?

Did it shock you most that the suspected abductor is married? That his wife, according to authorities, was with him when he kidnapped someone else’s child?

Or was it the fact that his mother reportedly lived with him while this was going on?

Was it the fact that police visited the home several times – and never discovered anything?

You wanna know what shocked and pissed me off the most? It’s that the suspect, Phillip Garrido, was convicted in 1976 of kidnapping a woman, raping her, handcuffing her and holding her captive in a warehouse.

He was sentenced to 50 years on one charge and five-to-life on another.

And he was paroled. After 11 years.


If you can get 150 years for bilking people out of their money – ala Bernie Madoff – then how does a man who demonstrated no respect for human life, who thought so little of it he stole a woman, held her captive and raped her, how does he find himself a free man after 11 years?

Free to do it all over again.

Something is pretty fucked up with our system isn’t it? We can’t keep pieces of shit like this in prison and when we let them out we can’t check up on them. I know that Bernie Madoff is an evil piece of shit but he wasn’t this evil and he’ll never see the light of day again. I want him locked up.

Lock Garrido up and don’t you dare ever let him out again. Lock up every pedophile and either keep them there or kill them.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go vomit because The Obama is on TV (what a shock)and since his mouth is moving he’s lying.


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