Are You as Sick of Freaks as I am?

I can’t believe this story.

So this freakizoid in Medford Oregon asks a 15 year old teen girl to try on a pair of shoes to see if they’d work on his wife. Being the kind gentleman he helps her slip them on and then starts kissing on her lower legs and getting himself all worked up. Of course it’s in a public store and she ain’t gonna be into it any time soon so she pushes him away and he runs out. WTF? Are you kidding me? Pictures of the idiot on posted on that link I provided.

I suppose it’s not as bad as the incident back when I was about 9 and a guy asked me if I wanted to pet his puppy so I walked over to his open car window and there he was doing something that really confused me. Guys do that crap? Well of course years later I discovered that lots of guys do that crap, just not in public or in front of kids. There have been sick bastards turning themselves on over weird shit forever I guess. I wish them all a painful death.

So the minor down the street turns you on and you just feel the need to express yourself? Personally I think the most effective way to make a statement is to simply stick a gun in your mouth and to go for it. Don’t pussy out now, pull the trigger baby and force someone else to clean up the mess.


The White House Beer Fest

So today The Obama sits down with a dear friend (must be black) African-American scholar Henry Gates and white police officer James Crowley for a round of beers. Of course it’s all about covering up The Obama’s obviously ignorant racial fueled comments he made last week when Crowley arrested Gates for being a dumbass who refused to show his ID and created a disturbance after a call was made by a neighbor that someone was breaking into Gates home. Guess that should teach the neighbor a lesson huh? If you have an angry black Harvard professor living next door NEVER NEVER NEVER try to help lest you be thrown under the bus for your efforts.

You have to wonder what a dumbass The Obama is for sticking his foot in this particular pile of crap. He admitted he knew nothing and then called the Cambridge Police Department ignorant. Yeah The Obama is one ignorant man at times. Still he’s managing to turn this around and trying to convince America that police need to treat those poor oppressed blacks with kid gloves.

It’s all deflection people. It’s about keeping your mind off of his socialist takeover of one industry after another. The government can’t run the postal system, medicare and medicaid OR social security but some of you dumbasses think they can run the health care system. Yesterday he gave another little talk where he was unable to convince anyone with a brain that the government knew what it was doing. Just vote for it, vote for something, for gods sake support it. We don’t know what it is or what it really costs but pleeeassse, support it.

If you do you’re too stupid to follow along so go back to the cartoon network and get off of here. The rest of you need to email or call your congressman and senators. If you don’t you screwed yourself.

For myself I plan to have an Amber Bock sans President and intellectuals right after my daily emails.


I found an interesting article and I thought I’d cut and paste it here. It seems two Georgia Policemen were suspended for doing a background investigation on The Obama. Just makes ya wonder doesn’t it?

In DeKalb County, Ga., police officers Ryan White and C.M. Route were suspended while their department investigates allegations that they used a county computer system in their squad car to run a background check on President Obama.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Secret Service notified the local department about the background check, conducted on July 20 about 4:40 a.m.

Public Safety Director William “Miz” Miller was not amused.

“I want everyone to know that we take these allegations very seriously,” he said in a statement. “We expect our officers to adhere to professional standards and departmental policy. Furthermore, we do not and will not condone the inappropriate use of county equipment or resources.”

The things that make ya go hmmmmmm

Damn Cars

My wife took the car to work yesterday and on her way home at 10pm it starts overheating. She made it home ok and I figured it’d mean that I’d have to change the thermostat. Well maybe it does but after looking under the hood I’m not changing anything more than the oil. They don’t make these modern pieces of shit so a regular guy can work on them. Now I have to schedule something with the mechanic. Yippee! I was hoping to piss away more money I don’t have.

It’s been too warm to ride the motorcycle much this week. That’s the problem with Oregon, it’s either too cold or too hot. Very seldom do you have a period of time when it’s just right. When we lived in San Jose I could ride a motorcycle year around but up here it’s pretty much a 6 month season at best. I’m starting to hate it more and more but I’m stranded here. I used to say I’m stranded until the economy turns around but now with The Obama in charge of my future it’s starting to look like I won’t have one.

I think I’d better go have a McMuffin.


So we go outside to jump in the pickup and go get some breakfast when I discover the battery is totally dead in the damn pickup. Yeah it’s gonna be a great day. Who needs breakfast right. So now I’m forced to head down the hill on the motorcycle so I can get our piece of crap truck running. Carrying a truck battery on a motorcycle sounds like a great way to start the day.

Well to shorten it all up the morning involved a stop at McDonalds for the McMuffin, a stop at the motorcycle shop for oil and a filter and a stop at WallyWorld for the battery. We get home and install it before noon so we managed to beat the 100 degree cutoff by a single degree. It’s back up to 105 already with lots of time to break records.

Amber Bock. It may not be the answer but it’s the medication.

Tony Romo dumps Jessica????

Maybe Jessica Simpson is one of those really hot chicks that guys get sick of after a few romps in the sack. I dunno but I have given her sack skills considerable consideration. Maybe it’s something deeper and darker.

I figured her first ex Nick somethingorother was just one of those semi famous pretty boys who hadn’t come to terms with his gayness yet. Tony Romo is a football player so you wouldn’t think he would be pulling a Rock Hudson deal with a fake gf/wife but Tony is a quarterback. Outside of Joe Montana or maybe Brett Farve every quarterback is a gay pussy. No need to discuss that further, it’s scientific fact.

So maybe what poor Jessica needs to do is stay away from those pussy haven’t figured out I’m gay pretty boys for awhile. If she has to date guys with a resume I’d suggest a hockey player. Say what you will about those dense toothless wonders, they ain’t pussies. They’re actually manly men. But don’t go for a scorer, go for a defenseman with lots of scars and few teeth. After she gets boarded a few times she’ll be sold and I have a feeling he won’t be running off with one of the back street boys when the ice starts to melt.

Poor Jessie. Can anyone help?

Obama’s Birth Certificate

So why hasn’t Obama produced his birth certificate and just made that question about his being eligible to be President go away. The birthers believe that it’s because it doesn’t exist and they would love to see him kicked out of office. Well I’ve wondered about that myself even though as recently as this morning he director of Hawaii’s State Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has just repeated her statement from October that she has personally and with her very own official eyes seen the “original vital records” regarding Obama’s birth in Honolulu’s Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.

So why not just run off a copy and make it available? Is she a damn liar?

Democrats are more than happy to have Birthers spend time and energy on the birth certificate fight instead of more important issues like health care reform or climate change. So because the issue benefits them Democrats do little to clamp down on media coverage or keep these stories from becoming mainstream news.

So deflection is the key. Keep us dumbasses hoping against hope that we can get rid of that worthless socialist the easy way by exposing him as a fraud.

Listen kids The Obama is the real deal and YOU had better get busy involving yourself by doing more than waving an American flag at a TEA party. These bastards have an agenda and it’s going to cost us and our grandchildren way too much.

Contact your senators and congressman. Let them know you are watching how they vote on key issues such as climate and health care and you will support opponents of theirs if they vote away your future. Campaign against those who do vote for The Obama’s agenda. Don’t be a whiny pussy, get busy. You can sit in your cars listening to Rush, Hannity and Beck all you want screaming and kicking but that won’t make any changes that count, except maybe to your blood pressure levels.

Call those Washington bastards, write them, let them know you’re pissed and they’d better get on board. Especially when these bastards get home next week. Give it to them in clear concise terms.

Screw the birth certificate, it’s a none issue. I wish it were but it isn’t.

There are consequences for electing a socialist and more consequences for sitting on your ass doing nothing.

It’s a Monday Morning

I woke up and checked google news and guess who signed a contract to bring you a reality show with the same people that brought you Breaking Bonaduce? It’s that stretched out nutcase “Octomom” Nadya Suleman who has each of her 14 children making 250 dollars a day. Well that does make the state of California a tiny bit closer to a balanced budget if they can get that freak off of the welfare roles.

And you thought Jon n Kate plus 8 was over the top? I can only imagine what this show has in store for us.

So yesterday my wife and I went to see a chick flick called The Ugly Truth. Usually I feel sort of emasculated when I see chick flicks even when they do star hot babes like Katherine Heigl who also starred in “Knocked Up” which was another chick flick disguised as a buddy film. It also starred Gerald Butler who did not run out there yelling S P A R T A A A while wearing a dress this time. But it was a very funny film and it made me blow snot bubbles so I have to give that baby a “go see it” for the guys and you’ll earn emasculated brownie points for your babe yet strangely feel like a man doing it.

Does Katherine Heigl emasculate the manly Gerald Butler by the end of the film? Hey it’s a chick flick…..

OK I’m down the hill for an Egg McMuffin. Maybe I”ll see ya there?

The Wedding Dance

Well to me it looks like these people had a great time. Are they going to make a go of it? According to statistics the odds are 50/50 but it’s going to be a fun ride while it lasts. I think they know how to have fun.

And here I thought bitch slapping my brother in law was unique. Go figure.