Kanye West The Asshat

kanyeWho is Kanye West? Just some racist dickweed attention whore that sells a few records every so often. Not very many records these days as he felt the need to grab the spotlight from Taylor Swift who’s just a kid who sells a lot of records.

You see this Kanye Worst is banging Beyonce, a banging entertainer in her own right. Taylor and Beyonce were up for the same award and Taylor won the award. It was the MTV awards and they don’t normally give many country western artists anything so it was quite the honor for Taylor. But when Taylor was starting her thankyous Kanye jumps up on stage, rips the microphone out of Taylors hand and goes on and on about how his girlfriend should have won.

How much coke does this idiot ram up his nose anyway?

Later, to make amends, Kanye apologized to Taylor. Did he call her up? Call her record company or producer to get in touch with her?

Nope he writes it in his blog. As if Taylor Swift reads the hiphopsters blog in the first place.

Pretty weak asshole. Pretty weak.


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