MacKenzie Phillips and Papa Phillips

Mackenzie_PhillipsRemember Mackenzie Phillips? She had a brief career as an actress on “One Day At A Time” where she co-starred with Valerie Bertinelli back in the 70’s. She also had some attempts as a singer. She’s the daughter of Mamas and Papas singer John Phillips but she’s best know in the tabloids as a drug abuser and train wreck. I suppose she’s easy to lump in with all those other child stars that found themselves spiraling out of control after they grew up.

But Mackenzie’s 15 minutes aren’t up just yet and it gets pretty damn ugly.

Mackenzie has written a “tell all” book that talks about the night before her wedding at age 18. She was stoned and out when she woke up to find her daddy John Phillips having sex with her. Those are her words. I think it’s more like “she woke up to find daddy raping her”. She goes on to talk about how 3 years later she started waking up and discovering her panties down around her ankles and a couple of years later she claims the sex became consensual. Her stepmother, Michelle Phillips, has said that Phillips is imagining what happened. Her half sister Chynna said the stories are too incredible to be made up.

True? Not true? I can’t say for certain but sadly this story has the ring of truth about it. My thoughts at this point turn to you daddys out there since what’s happend to Mackenzie is over with and the damage is already done.

So daddy do you have urges? Urges you don’t talk about and in fact don’t even think about unless you’re either drunk or high? Don’t go see a counselor or any shrink. They can’t help you. If you have those urges they won’t go away and maybe some day you’ll act on them. Maybe in fact you already have. I have some solid advice for you guys that will enhance that precious little girl you love so much. Go away from the home. Take a nice drive out into the country. Find yourself a secluded spot and pull over. Take the gun, put it firmly against your temple and pull the damn trigger. If you have an ounce of humanity left in you go for it. Don’t be a pussy, if you ever loved your child get it over with today.

If you don’t have the guts to take the step yourself then turn yourself into the authorities and give them vidid details including your urge to do even more. When they put you in prison go up to some Hells Angel looking guy and tell him you like screwing little kids. That should sort out the issue forever.


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