Mary Jo Kopechne’s Friend Ted Kennedy Dies

So last night Edward Kennedy passed away. The man who cared about the little people. The man that cared about health care and minimum wage. The man that would have would have been President if that stupid Mary Jo Kopechne could swim a little better. I can mourn his death as a human being but I’m glad he’s no longer in the Senate. I don’t mourn the passing of his political career. That career should have ended when he left the scene of a fatal accident and hid long enough to sober up. I’m certain they’ll replace him with someone equally as liberal but the hypocrisy of this guy was pretty tough to take. Oh the caption on that photo of him was his actual words as he was speaking about Mexicans trying to enter the United States.

So who will carry on the proud tradition of being a Kennedy politician. The most recent one of course was Caroline Kennedy who, you know, really, you know, really, you know, wanted to be a, you know, US Senator from you know New York with zero qualifications (remember the blast on Sarah Palin, an actual governor) but then changed her mind after a brief period of time. I suspect she had tax issues as most elected and appointed democrats in the Obama administration do. Well maybe someday a Kennedy will come along with no tax or legal issues. I know it’s asking a lot of a Kennedy to obey laws but you never know.

Oh and this is the last vision of Mary Jo Kopechne that anyone had.

Mary Jo Kopechne


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