Jaycee Dugan’s Monster

GarridoFritzl1_1471527cThis piece of rotting shit was on my mind last night. I should have been sleeping but instead I imagined how I would torture this bastard if I could get my hands on him. None of my fantasy’s were really satisfying so if you have any ideas please let me know. I will enjoy every contribution.

There have been some new details since yesterday. First of all poor Jaycee Dugan is as screwed up as I feared she would be. She seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome where a captive becomes very attached to their captor no matter how horrible their treatment. Jaycee was raped by this shitpile from age 11. He took long enough off from raping her so she could have his baby at age 14, and then another one 3 years later. Her stepfather says that Jaycee considers Phillip Garrido to be her husband. That’s pretty sad but not unusual. Jaycee’s daughters are 15 and 11 years old now. I found a photo of them online but since they are minors and I won’t spread their image until it becomes wide spread.

Another thing that came to light is that Phillip Garrido was a convicted and registered sex offender. He got twice monthly visits from a parole officer at his home in Antioch. You know about this home already, the same place Jaycee and her daughters were being kept in a fucking shed. Starting to feel better about our justice system yet? Now Phillip Garrido wasn’t convicted for looking at young kids photos. He had to act shit out.

Phillip Garrido spent the 1970s on one debauchery after another: LSD trips, cocaine binges, pot smoking, public masturbation. Then in 1976, he found a new way to indulge his twisted sexual fantasies.

He kidnapped a woman from a South Lake Tahoe parking lot, handcuffed her, took four hits of acid and raped the victim in a storage unit in Reno. The investigator in the case described the storage unit as a “sex palace,” with various sex aids, pornography, stage lights and wine.

In 1977, Garrido was sentenced to 50 years for the kidnapping conviction and life for the rape conviction, but he was granted parole in 1988 for reasons that only a fucking idiot would understand. That was way before the state of California started holding garage sales. Can’t afford to keep someone this dangerous in jail? Oh wait, have to give illegals health care instead. OK, got ya, priorities.

When I was in high school back in the early 60’s a friends cousin was arrested for rape. The rapist got neutered in order to reduce his sentence. Don’t they do that any longer? What The fuck am I thinking about??? Of course not. In fact these days we’d rather release a terrorist and investigate the men and women who interrorgated the terrorist and protected America instead.

Our justice system is a mess. Jaycee Dugan and her family paid a huge price. The only hope I have, as far as justice goes, is that some stand up prisoner WILL take this piece of shit out. Maybe we need to throw the monsters parole officer in the mix while we’re at it.


20 Responses to “Jaycee Dugan’s Monster”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    I can not argue with you at all. I especially approve of your first sentence, It seaz it all.
    But We are living in this time of Oh the Poor Man IS Ill and he can not help himself… bla bla bla.
    I think he and others knew Just How Mentally Ill he was 18 + years a go, and the liberal majority had thier chance then. He was undoubtedly allowed to have his second chance back whenhe was allowed to be a free man. I know the Poolice did watch him and the poolice did check up on him. What good did it do.
    This very sick man was allowed out in the community along with his wife, Oh thats right there was a person living with him…… Well what say you Mrs Sick f$%k? Why did you allow this to continue? Why did you not do something? But then you did stick by him through thick and thin didn’t you. You should never be allowed to have a free breath of fresh air again either.
    Both of you HAVE to be sent to Prison and NEVER BE ALLOWED to mingle with others agian out side of prison.
    I think Jaycee should have all of the financial benefits of this sick person. She should be allowed all of His Social Security and all of his personal wealth (What ever that may be). She and her kids ahave earned it.
    I have more to say but I am too angry right now to continue. I will come back after I have settled down.
    This was one of the worst things I think I have ever witnessed. I live in the area where the child was kidnaped and have seen too many of these things happen here in Northern California.

  2. luvanrs Says:

    I can’t even imagine the pain and fear she went through at age 14 giving birth to this creep’s bastard child in a shed in the backyard of his torture palace. I hope he and his sick creepy wife rot in hell!! I hope she and her children will recover and begin to live normal lives.

  3. Amber Cummings Says:

    My heart goes out to you Jaycee.

  4. Jason Says:

    Bring back capital punishment.

    “Life imprisonment” is a joke.

  5. Amber Cummings Says:

    I grew up in Northern California and there was another case similar to this one. A boy, I believe, named Steven Stainer was taken and held captive in the very same town I grew up. Steven was made to coax another boy into the hands of this man and the only reason Steve got away is because he helped the other boy escape, I think . There was another case in my home town: Jubilation daycare. I had friends and one family member in this daycare and they were sexually and mentally abused my the adults. These children will never be the same. My childhood therapist wrote a book on it called, “treating the children of ritual sex abuse.” The book was writen because of Jubilation and the only thing that happened in the daycare was that they lost their license. When I was growing up. I don’t think I had more than one or two friends that weren’t abused. It was the norm and that is truly frightening. When I was abused as a child by my mothers boyfriend who happened to be one of the child molesters at jubilation daycare, my mother did everything in her power to stop him from harming another child again. She took me to be examined. They video taped me recalling the horrific details. All of the evidence was collected and they decided not to prosecute him because I couldn’t handle going on the stand. I was only seven. So he walked and went on to find another woman with children and he also started working at a school. My mother and her therapist called the school and warned them but that was all they could do. I worry so much about all the children that go through this, there has to be more we can do.

    • Janet Says:

      I am one of those liberals mentioned above. I believe in the value of human life even if its merely feces with a heartbeat. ALL humans have value! Therefore my solution to people like Garrido and all others who are sadly incarcerated for violent crimes they may not have committed if they had been raised with more care and affection: operate on them. If we have been able to map the human brain enough to know what parts produce pleasure, pain, sexual impulses, violence, etc why not use it to uncover these people value? I for one would prefer my child have a surgical swizzle stick inserted in his/her brain than be electrocuted. Think about it…these people are already financial wards of the state. If we can render them docile and utterly harmless and sexless then they can become trustworthy state employees. In prison they are fed and given medical services, why not keep them in less severe accommodations while they earn enough money to pay their keep and make restitution to their victims? Even the simplest minds can do work of some kind. In all honesty I don’t know why this isn’t considered. Is it so different from chemical castration or lethal injection? Castration is useless because violence and control is often the root cause of rape, even with children, but cauterize their violence lobe and we probably won’t hear from them again unless they’re singing in the church choir or washing cars at a government corp yard (no offense to those who do this for a living). Maybe they could live on working farms and grow food for hungry people, or build homes, etc. In this way they can not only use the value they possess but it would also relieve California’s jail problems.

      • Debbie Perro Says:

        Janet, you’re an idiot.

      • Ilana Leeds Says:


        OH G-D you are as freaky Janet as the people you want to swizzle stick. I hope you never do medicine or law or psychology. Oh, hey wait, I guess people like you do psychiatry. Figures.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Jaycee is a true survivor. I dont think that if I had been in her situation I would have been able to survive. I cant understand how this man and his wife could do these horrible things to her, let alone that it went on for so many years. This case reminds me of the Elizabeth Fritzl case in Austria. Elizabeth was kept for 24 years in the basement
    of the family home by her father who had 8 kids with her.

  7. Jenna Says:

    WTF! How many people dropped the ball on this one! How many chances did God give us to get this guy! It is total BS that he slipped through so many cracks. EVERYONE involved needs to be held accountable. NO excuses. I can not believe that a good probation officer doing their job correctly could make this many errors. And how about his leaving Ca. after being paroled and “visiting” his first (that we know of) rape victim)? Guess that’s not “bad” enough to prosecute. It is totally ridiculous. With our legal system screwing up like this its a wonder this hasn’t happened before….or has it? Wake up people! The most precious resource we have is our children and if we don’t protect them then who will. Castrate this and all the others. When is enough really going to be enough? They teach of boundries in healthy relationships…where are ours?

  8. actonel Says:

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  10. windy eberly Says:

    janet, you frighten me.

  11. Jeann ie Says:

    Janet: Who’s going to foot the bill for the swizzle stick? Castration is much cheaper – I say take THAT swizzle stick while you’re at it. One thing you said that I do agree with: lobotimized people CAN do government jobs. Maybe even as parole officers!

  12. Bathurstix Says:

    I agree with you totally that it is hard to thinmkof the right way to torture him. I think we should put drain cleaner in his veins slowly and intermittently. He is true lunatic and needs to be put to death in a public spectacle that hopefully deters other jerks.

  13. Ken Brand Says:

    I watched the story last night on TLC and I couldn’t get out of my mind what that piece of crap did to Jaycee. I know we have our own justice system on earth but our real hope is that our Loving God with dole out his own eternal justice to this slimeball. Also, what in the he _ _ is that loser for a wife thinking. She needs to also have eternal justice for letting it go on. I’ll never understand how someone could hurt a kid this way. Jaycee, I hope you know that you have the world thinking about you and your girls. God will make things right. Sorry it took so long to find you. God Bless You Always!

  14. sheryl Says:

    I can suggest a torture I read about in a book. Skin him alive gradually in 1″ strips. If he passes out, wait until he’s awake again. This process is started by cutting 2 cuts full length, then lifting skin off between. Then make another cut 1′ either side. Continue until finished to you satisfaction.

  15. wendy Says:

    Janet, do you mean study this inhuman monster to see why he became a monster? You most likely have not read the information about him. As a child he was spoiled. He was not abused in anyway. He was just a drug abuser and porno addict who was also a very self centered sociopath with many victims. Janet, I think we should study him and then kill him. I hate to waste tax dollars on him. Read the book ‘Lost and Found’ The true story of Jaycee Dugan. Then you tell me why we should have pity for this monster. Oh and by the way he said he found Jesus, in fact the woman he married was a strict Jehovah’s witness. They thought it was God’s will that they kidnap a child for sex and to have children…so much for the ‘religion cleans ’em up routine’. I don’t buy that and I think it should never be allowed as a defense or claim of a cure. We need to take care of this guy who has gotten away with screwing up too many lives. I’d like a ticket to see him slow cooked.
    Our current system of finding and looking out for sex predators is a joke. Girarro, this piece of human waste should bring back the death penalty. Something I have been against, but in the case of serial rapists and killers who care only for themselves this becomes a tool in getting information about other victims. I hope the guards in the prison system give this guy a hard time. As for Jaycee, I think she’ll pull through as much as she can… she made it though and survived she is also highly intelligent. She needs more time. I hope that all will go well for her now, and that they will keep her and her children away from that waste of space.

  16. wendy Says:

    I am a liberal, why do people mix politics into something like this? Yes this man and his wife are human waste… Are we going to become a society of heartlessness because of the extreme nature of this crime? I think this should begin some new thinking on what is humane and what isn’t. In this case I believe Phil and Nancy Girrido should have their trial and this liberal feels that when they are found guilty, they should bring back the death penalty. Death by boiling sounds about right for this one… Why, because of the extreme cruelty involved. In all cases like this one, the extreme nature of the crime should be considered.

  17. Vicky Truman Says:

    Jaycee is a victim of the sin of an evil man. God is sorrowful that what He created for good between man and woman in marriage was perverted by a sick-minded man who selfishly rejected God and His righteousness to pursue sinful desires by enslaving a young, innocent child. A statement by book author, C.S. Lewis, is a picture of the consequence of human desire operating without godly control – “I willingly believe that the damned are, in one sense, successful, rebels to the end; that the doors of Hell are locked on the inside. They enjoy forever the horrible freedom they have demanded, and are therefore self-enslaved. Just as the blessed, forever submitting to obedience, become through all eternity more and more free.” God is love and extends that love to all who accept His invitation to seek forgiveness for sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. Perhaps Garrido will truly repent as he is accountable to His Creator. God’s love encompasses the life of Jaycee and her daughters and has freed them to enjoy life and love one another.

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