Hot Gold Digging Chicks & Murder

megan-hauserman-casting-call-trophy-wife-zimbioThis young lady is Megan Hauserman The reality star of Megan Wants A Millionaire which played on VH-1. Megan is one of those gals who did not want the word Love in her reality show. She knew what she wants and did not pretend to be looking for love. Well god bless the hot little skank. The show played for 3 episodes and it appears it won’t be playing for a 4th as one of her improperly vetted Millionaires killed his girlfriend/ex-wife and yarded out all her teeth and snipped off her fingers.

Now I’ve been pissed off at a woman. In fact I was soooo pissed off at my first wife that I probably would have taken pleasure is hearing about her death. Well ok, I did take a little pleasure in hearing about her death but she died a zillion years after we divorced. I know I could not have killed her unless she was in the process of killing me and I certainly could NOT have yanked out her teeth and cut off her fingers. That takes a special type of whack.

So how were they authorities able to ID the poor woman that was mutilated? By the serial numbers on her implants. His ex was every bit as pretty as Megan if not more so but obviously every bit as dumb. The accussed murderer is Ryan Alexander Jenkins and when I watched the reality show it was pretty obvious that this guy was a bit off. So were a couple of other guys on the show but I guess that is what reality shows are looking for right? If it were all straight forward and normal courting who’d watch?

At any rate the following photo is of Ryan who has fled to Canada and probably to Honduras as his rich daddy is building a luxury resort there.



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