Healthcare…Was Pelosi an Obama Mistake?


gview2So has there ever been a more disliked Speaker of the House than the queen of lift and botox Nancy Pelosi? Already there is talk of a democrat revolution in Congress as quite a few congressmen said they would not vote for her again as Speaker. Having spent a lot of time in my life in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m well aware of Pelosi’s hairbrained ideals and her penchant to lash out at anyone who’s got her figured out.

Now since you and I know what a stupid bitch she is why didn’t Obama? Why did he put all his hopes for a socialist takeover of the healthcare system in that dingdongs hands? Now it’s being said that HE, The Obama himself needs to write his own healthcare plan and sell that to the people. Step away from the dumbshits who’ve been pushing his agenda and push his own. So far it’s been a “LETS PASS SOMETHING” agenda and most of us have figured him out for who he is, the second coming of Karl Marx.

A friend sent me this two page letter that I’ve posted here. I suggest clicking on both pages and checking them out. It is well written and it points out the bitches hypocrisy. Well at least some of her hypocrisy. There isn’t enough room to list all of it but the writer of the letter does a good job. Thanks to my buddy Chris for sending it to me.

So Pelosi and others such as Senate majority leader Reid have spent the past month calling protestors of their socialist takeover everything from Nazi’s to criminals. How has that worked out for them? Well Obama’s ratings are falling faster than the stock market did last fall and A week before congress comes back, the latest Rasmussen report — released yesterday –found that 57% of American voters “would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again.”

So keep up the good work. Click on that link to the right of my page and send your elected officals a note, email or even call them on the phone and voice your opinion. We can’t let up. These are hardened socialists and they need to be stopped. Only one thing can change a socialists mind and that is their loss of power. Let them know you’re watching and waiting.


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