Jaycee Dugan Comes Home

jayceeThe good news is that Jaycee Dugan has been returned home 18 years after she was kidnapped in front of her stepfather who became the lead suspect in her abduction. She was 11 at the time and she was kept as a sex slave and fathered two children now ages 15 and 11 with her abductor. As most important cases are solved it was simply a combination of luck and good fortune that got her back into the arms of her distraught family. Good detective work doesn’t happen too often in these cases. It usually comes down to luck.

Jaycee and her children were kept in a shed in the back yard of a run down Antioch California home with the neighbors not having a clue about any of this. None of them ever went to school or saw a doctor or dentist in the entire time. They had an extension cord for power and a hole in the ground for a toliet. Hard to imagine isn’t it? Sort of like a camping excursion with an occasional rape thrown into the mix for a lifestyle.

So the losers that kidnapped her were Phillip and Nancy Garridos. Two pieces of shit that really deserve a lot more than is headed their way. I believe they’ve confessed so it should mean “justice” of sorts will happen soon. I’m thinking the real justice will be doled out by large prisoners who will enjoy some ass raping when it’s let out by the guards that they have some real celebrity child rapists as new neighbors. Now I’d pay to see that.

Lock them up, waterboard the shit out of them and kill anyone that think these two can be rehabilitated.


2 Responses to “Jaycee Dugan Comes Home”

  1. wendy Says:

    With this one you are proposing to remedy sexual cruelty, by paying to see more of it?

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