141c913I’ve been a 49ers fan for as long as I’ve known about football. Growing up in the shadow of Kezer Stadium probably had something to do with that. Younger fans hope the Niners go back to their glory days as the past few years have been pretty rough. But those of us who are older and were fans before the “glory” days remember teams that couldn’t win more than a couple of games a year. If we beat the LA Rams it was a good season. Usually we’d have a good offense or a good defense but never both at the same time. So along came Bill Walsh and a couple of players to lend his genius a hand. Montana, Lott and Rice of course are the ones that always come to mind and they should, they were probably the best ever at their position in the history of football. They had a lot of help also and those 9ers back in the 80’s were a lot of fun to watch.

Then we fast forward to last night when the current set of 49ers stumbled to a preseason win against a bigger shit team than they are, the Oakland Raiders. Although I grew up in the Bay Area I never wanted to change teams and root for those whiny bitches. They gloated and crowed when they won and the Raiders had some interesting characters during their winning days but when they started to lose it was excuses and tears. The 9ers leg whip, they hold, they cheat. It just made me smile. But now it’s tough to smile at what’s going on the field for either team. I have the DVR so at least I can fast forward through all the bullshit and condense watching a game into a half hour or so.

It’s a nice sunny day and I’m going to head out into the shop and change the oil on my motorcycle and take it for a spin. While I pretty much hate living in Oregon with every fiber of my body I will say that where I live has some great motorcycle roads. Well they’re great for 6 months of the year. The rest of the year it’s icy. So seeya later suckas I’m outtie.


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