Saturation police patrol on Highway 62 Thursday

Be careful, tax revenues are way down and the police are doing their job in raising money for the government. This Thursday along Hwy 62 they’re going to pull your ass over and write you a ticket if you break the law. They’re concerned with people not moving over when a cop is busy collecting money for the government from some other asshole that broke the law.

This is a joint effort between the Jackson County Sheriffs department along with the police from Medford and the speed trap experts Eagle Point Police Department.

Remember the law requires drivers to slow down and change lanes, if possible, to allow more room for a stopped emergency vehicle. I’ll quote the law they’re planning on enforcing.

ORS 811.147

A person operating a motor vehicle commits the offense of failure to maintain a safe distance from and emergency vehicle or ambulance if the person approaches an emergency vehicle or ambulance that is stopped and is displaying required warning lights and the person:

(a) On a highway having two or more lanes for traffic in a single direction, fail to:

(A) Make a lane change to a lane not adjacent to that of the emergency vehicle or ambulance;or

(B) Reduce the speed of the motor vehicle, if making a lane change is unsafe.

(b) On a two directional, two lane highway, fails to reduce the speed of the motor vehicle.

In January, the law expands to include highway workers and tow truck drivers.

I do slow down myself and switch lanes if I’m able to whenever I see the red lights over by the side of the road. It’s a very good law and one that needs to be obeyed. It’s probably a good idea to do this saturation enforcement BUT if for one second anyone thinks this is about education then you’re just a fucking idiot. It’s about money, your money, soon to be their money.

If they pulled you over and made you do a timeout while you listened to them chastise you for your offense then it’s about education, when they write you a ticket, and they will, it’s about taxing your slacker ass.

I’m certain if you made it this far you think I’ve recently been written up for something. I have not had a ticket in more than 20 years because I’m very careful where I drive or ride like an asshole.

I just hate giving the government any money and I wonder how many cops signed up for the job not realizing that they’d end up being nothing more than a tax collector.

Will I drive down 62 tomorrow? Not on your life. Another reason it’s tough to tag me, avoid the obvious 🙂


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