You Are Ignorant Idiots

nobelpeaceSo the democraps managed to pass a house bill that can’t be paid for and has no chance to actually improve health care but instead screw it up and you’re happy. When The Obama took over the government owned 19% of the economy. Before health care the government owns over 30% of our economy thanks to The Obama and now it will be close to 48% if the senate passes it. You dumbfucks have turned us into a socialist nation. The Obama has surrounded himself with terrorists, communists, felons and worse and you’re happy.

Shame on you, shame on you.

Unemployment is over 10% (actually 17.6% if you count those who’ve given up looking) and we’ll tax small business even more to pay for this Trojan horse. Now the White House says it’s going to grow to well over 11% by next summer. Yaaay for the stimulus.


Cuts to Medicare are over $500 billion which means higher Medicare premiums for seniors, deep cuts to home health agencies, hospitals and even unthinkable new taxes on items like pacemakers, artificial hips and stints. Although it is hard to believe, Section 501 of H.R. 3962 would result in a $250,000 fine and five years in prison for being uninsured. For all these reasons and the tremendous debt this bill shackles future generations with.

But at least we’ll give socialism a try.

My thought is that we will return to conservative values in a decade or two once the social welfare state collapses. Eventually what our founding fathers feared will become clear in everyones mind. They didn’t trust huge government and we won’t either. It will be too late. We’ll regress for a very long time, longer than our children will be alive but eventually we’ll get back to our roots.

I’ll be dead by then and so will you.

What might help is if some of you dumbfucks could keep this in mind.

If you can’t afford to feed them don’t breed them.


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