A Geocaching Attempt

I’ve been watching two of my grandkids this week. They’re 4 year old twins and very very very active. Today after I couldn’t wear them out at the park I thought I might go back to geocaching and get them involved with a search. Well it was a thought.

I stopped caching in the spring and at the time I figured it was because I was riding my motorcycle in the nice weather and doing other things so it made sense to take a break. I’m not so sure that’s why I quit. That was a part but not the primary reason. The primary reason I stopped was because it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be. The fun is pretty much gone for me now.

When I started geocaching it was about hiding and finding little boxes filled with treasures and a logbook. The idea was to hide it well but not so well it couldn’t be found. The objective was FINDING the cache, not looking and looking and looking.

So locally a couple of cachers have started hiding very difficult to find caches. Quite often these hard to find caches also include really shitty gps coordinates and even more often they offer a crappy make no sense clue or none at all. That’s what pretty much got me off track as far as my enjoyment of this hobby.

So the twins and I are looking for a cache hidden not far from our home. It’s hidden by someone who doesn’t always get good coordinates but doesn’t try to make them invisible. What would be the point out in the woods right? Anyway the trees blocked the sattelites so I went to the clue which read


Excuse me? Maybe it means “don’t get stumped on it” but who really knows right? Anyway if it’s in a stump there are lots of stumps to chose from After the twins tore into the 10th or 15th stump they were ready to leave and of course so was I. There were 3 other caches close enough to throw a net over, maybe. I didn’t bother. We’ll see how we feel about this another day but I have a feeling it’ll be awhile before that day shows up.


One Response to “A Geocaching Attempt”

  1. Corey Says:

    Thats really too bad. We have a couple of hiders like that in my town who wanted to “Get caching back to really searching for the finds” which really stinks. Caches are meant to be found….Don’t let it get you down, just use the ignore option on GC.com or remove their caches from GSAK. Cache on, Cache Happy.

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