Tea Party Express

nobelpeaceSo many of you have attended Tea Parties or town hall meetings and expressed yourself to your local elected officials. We are in the middle of a battle to save America and I urge you to continue to fight the good fight. Contrary to the mainstream media this isn’t an organized fight but instead it is a genuine grassroots effort with average angry Americans driving it.

While watching the tube I came across the website called Tea Party Express and discovered that a Tea Party Bus is going to be landing in Medford Oregon on October 29th (thursday) at 4pm and will be stopping at Alba Park which is located at 301 West Main Street. You can find a printable pdf file HERE.

This Tea Party Bus is traveling all over the place so go ahead and click on the website and see if it’s coming by a city near you. Oh and if you’re an ACORN supporter perhaps you can show up to with your Union Label protest signs and express your desire for a total socialist takeover. Why not? We’d love to see you.

We’ll be the people with home made signs paid for by ourselves.


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