The War On Fox News…Obama a coward?

It has been said that you never want to wage war on someone that buys ink by the barrel. What could be even more stupid is to wage war on someone that doesn’t need ink. Who has more followers than any other news network. A network that has exposed ACORN for what it really is, who has gotten rid of one Czar that Obama appointed AND who has been running the heck out of a clip on even another Obama appointee that claims one the biggest mass murderers of all time is her hero and that would be Mao. No Mao isn’t the appointee but if he lived near Chicago and was still alive I’m sure he would be.

But he’s using Anita Dunn as the white house communications director to declare war on Fox. She’s a temporary appointee so if her attack falls short they won’t have to claim she got sacked, she was temporary. So she attacks Fox and then Fox runs clips of her saying how much she admired Mao. Priceless and you can’t buy crap like that.

So the primary attacker has exposed herself as another socialist/communist. How much of this stupidity will stick to The Obama? Well some of you dumbasses will never admit to having voted for a socialist OR some of you dumbasses will start thinking socialism isn’t so bad.

You I won’t argue with because you’re just stupid and you can’t argue with stupid. Stupid bring you to their level and once there stupid will win on experience.

So for you dumbasses please go back to the genuine Obama Network known as MSNBC. You know, where they couldn’t bring themselves to run any genuine news.


One Response to “The War On Fox News…Obama a coward?”

  1. h1jen1 Says:

    I bet lots of people who use ‘social networking’ think socialism sounds cool…. I love the latest installment of Anita Dunn.. I did a blog today about the whole ‘we controlled the media’ comment she made in the Dominican Republic.

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