Voting Off Hot Babes

AshelyTrainerLovely young lady isn’t she? Ashley Trainer is a joy to look at and appeared to be a nice person when I watched her on Survivor Samoa. I don’t get to watch her any longer because dumbass shits voted her off the Island last night. Granted she was not able to swallow something disgusting, which of course excludes her from being a perfect babe, but please sister, she’s still hot.

Ashley is not the first hot babe to get the axe. Do you recall a lovely named Sarah Jones? Sarah was on Survivor several seasons ago and sported a lovely rack, most likely courtesy of someone who doesn’t get to enjoy them any longer, unless they want to google her name as she did appear in Playboy.

Hot babes make Survivor the success it is. Sure it’s fun to watch teams compete in some interesting physical challenges but hot babes with blurred out parts make it much more fun. Do they blur out those parts in the DVD’s they put out after the season is over? I need to find out. Investigations are fun.

There is value to watching dirty hot babes wandering around homeless on TV. One value is that you don’t have to smell them.


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