archeryLast weekend was the Brittney Ride here in the Rogue Valley. My wife and I thought about going to it but when we got ready to leave at 9am it was still just 29 on the back porch and as far as I’m concerned that isn’t even close to being motorcycle weather. Instead we goofed off for awhile and then about noon when it warmed up we jumped on the bike and met up with some friends at the finish line. They appeared thawed out but I suspect that they’re done for the season with motorcycles. I guess I’ll be an afternoon rider for awhile longer.

We’re probably going to attend a geocaching event called Come On Up To Butte Falls as it’s being held in our back yard. Maybe this will get us back into geocaching this fall but I’m not so certain. The new trend of putting out “nearly impossible to find” caches has worn me out. It’s just a couple of users who like to hide that crap but they hide a lot of them so they do spoil an area. If they dare to hide some up here in the Butte Falls area I promise I’ll plunder the shit out of them. This area has been filled with caches that are designed to be found and I don’t need flatlanders screwing it up. My backyard, my rules 🙂


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