Oh Look! It must be a Doctor!

ObamawhitecoatsSo did you all see Obama’s latest photo op this week? No he wasn’t sending Air Force 1 through the city streets scaring the hell out of the locals. He was posing with a group of 150 doctors that just love the hell out of his health care plan. You can tell they are doctors because they have white lab coats. Word from the White House is that he asked them to bring their white lab coats but you know doctors, they don’t follow instructions well so the ones that did not bring white lab coats where given them. Pretty cool that the White House has lots and lots of white lab coats laying around isn’t it?

Others have said that many of the white coats wearing doctors where actually, gasp, not doctors. I have no way of knowing myself who the hell they are but I put nothing past this administration. The man who can write books praising his boyhood heros, marists and terrorists all, and then denying he ever associates with marxists and terrorists AND gets believed by many of you dumbshits very easily could pass out white coats to campaign workers.

But whoever these people are they are Obama’s latest props as he pushes his socialist agenda on Americans. Remember he doesn’t need the support of people without health care insurance, he needs the support of people who do have health care. And don’t forget this reform will still leave 25 million people without insurance coverage.

You note that I didn’t say they don’t have HEALTH CARE? They don’t have health care INSURANCE. Everyone here in the United States has health care. The issue is over who is paying for it AND how much their paying for it.

Write your elected officials today. Don’t let your congressmen and senators ram shit down our throat that won’t work and will only destroy our economy. The link is still over there on the right of this page.

Here they are handing out white lab coats, interesting no?


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