BMX n Stuff

LucyBMX2This little racer on the left is my granddaughter Lucy who is 4 years old and preparing to race her first bmx race this coming sunday. Three weeks ago she had training wheels on her little learner bike and when she was able to ride without the training wheels of course we got her a race bike. Yesterday was the first time she could do a complete lap at the BMX track in Medford so it’s time to race.

I don’t think we’ll be bringing home any trophies of course unless they have one for cute.

Her big brother Kaleb also raced his first race last night, Wednesday. He also has a new race bike and as a novice he had to race against the same age group but against one experienced Novice and 4 Intermediates. In the last moto he was in qualifying position when he slipped his pedal and got passed at the finish line. It happens and while I’m sure he was disappointed you couldn’t tell from the huge smile on his face. He has joined the ranks of racer and for the rest of his life he will always be a racer even if he were to never race again. His daddy was a national champion racer in bmx, mountain bikes and road bikes. His grandma won races on a mountain bike and while I myself never won anything on a bicycle I won a few races on motorcycles and go-karts. I am proud to say the legacy continues.

In regards to politics I shall return to my rants eventually. Right now the stupidity that exists in the White House has me a bit overwhelmed. Today it was about family. Hope you enjoy yours.


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