Jaycee Dugard could have been found 3 years ago

jaycee-dugardI found it hard to believe that a neighbor called in to the police in Antioch and reported that there were children living in tents in the backyard of the pedophile Philip Garrido. Since he is a convicted rapist who got out after serving 11 years of a LIFE sentence he gets twice monthly visits from his parole officer. This officer went to his home after neighbors reported that the kids were in his back yard. Where did this incompetent parole officer search? The front yard. He never even went into the house.

And you dumbshits think we can trust the government to get anything right?

A simple google map search of 1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, CA shows you the compound this idiot had set up on his 1/2 acre shithole. There now is now a link to a dirty beat up van following the google street search team coming out of that address. It’s pretty sobering when you think that this van most likely was driven by Garrido and how creepy this guy is. You can view it here. Just click on the pic when you get to the page.

Our system is broken isn’t it? I don’t think throwing billions more into it will fix anything. I want this parole officer fired. I haven’t found any photos of the idiot yet but I want to see what someone that incompetent looks like. I’ve met a lot of idiots in my day but………

Reports have Jaycee and her daughters staying in a motel in Antioch. The rescuers have stated that the daughters were very zombie like and emotionless. That makes me think those poor girls were also molested over the years. Their lives are broken and I’m not so sure they’ll ever be fixed. So often these young people after being rescued have a pretty messed up life. Drugs and alcohol abuse is a fairly common result. Let’s hope that these girls not only get the help they need but that it works. Let’s hope their therapist isn’t as incompetent as that parole officer.


One Response to “Jaycee Dugard could have been found 3 years ago”

  1. Lee Lacy Says:

    Thats Horribe Selfish People . Enough Said .

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