Reconciliation is a means to screw you good

0901091324This is my grandaughter Lucy and the democrats are about to fuck up her future. How far are the democrats going to go in order to pass the health care package ordained to happen by The Obama? They’re losing the blue dogs and probably won’t ever get a republican to vote for it in the senate so now it’s all about reconciliation. Now reconciliation has been used in the past by another Democrat President by the name of Slick Willy. Normally it’s used to push through a budget package and it’s usually not a big thing. It’s used for votes which will either save the government money or cost the government (US) money. The Obama feels this healthcare bill qualifies so it wants it done.

All he needs to pass it is 50 votes in the Senate and Joe (Rubber Stamp) Biden can cast the tie breaking vote and get the package passed.

So what’s happening is The Obama’s numbers are dropping. For the first time his numbers have more negative votes than positive votes in the polls and he knows his political capital is going away fast, as are a lot of democrats in next years elections.

It is about controlling 1/6 of our nations economy. He has taken over banks, loan companies and most of the car industry. If you don’t see this as a socialist takeover you’re a fucking idiot. France considers itself socialist and they’re at 42% government owned business.

If we taxed the top 5% 100% of their income it still can support the healthcare bill. WTF are we thinking about? Even communist countries are worried that we will collapse. Write your elected officials now or we’re lost. We have to stop this in it’s tracks.


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