Surgery Helps Tennis?

tennis1tennis2When these two photos first showed up in my email this morning I was pretty certain it was some sort of joke. Then after carefully studying these photos for an extended period of time I read the text and discovered that this is actually a genuine junior tennis player Simona Halep who is a top Romanian pro now. She wants to get breast reduction as she thinks normal sized boobies will help her game? Ummm, ok. Might not help her dating but……… it’s all about priorities I guess.

Did you hear that the Demos are talking about pushing through the public health care plan though public opinion is strongly against it an using some procedural thing so they don’t require 60 votes to get it through the senate? Imagine that. Fuck what America thinks, we know what’s best for them so fuckem. It’s all about agendas my friends and you’d better write those elected officals NOW. The link is still on the right of my page so write them and tell them to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN


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