Life In Oregon

diggerWe’ve been living in Oregon since 1993 and we had some good solid reasons for moving up here. San Jose is a nice enough town but we honestly were afraid that our youngest son would be the target of losers who were jealous of him. So at age 16 we drug him to Oregon and what happened the first day at his new school in Butte Falls? He gets jumped by a huge jealous football player that had a girlfriend who mentioned she thought the new guy was cute. Well 7 years of Kenpo Karate saved his butt but so much for moving to a safer place.

But I enjoyed the fishing and hunting that was close by and it was kind of cool living out in the country. We ended up with lots of big animals and all was well in the world. To this day we still enjoy a half torn apart critter put on our porch by an ambitious kitty.

Then it snowed. Our home only has wood burning heat and it was provided by a fireplace with an insert. That first winter we went through 14 cords of wood and some days we couldn’t get the temperature up to 50 inside the dump. We’ve since added a stove and now only use 4-5 cords of wood and we can keep it fairly warm.

But over the years the cold winters have taken their toll. I ache pretty much all the time now. Last summer I spent 4 months in Florida and did not have a single ache. As soon as I returned so did the pain. I looked forward to a warm summer but sadly the cool evenings still tear me up. I miss the weather in Florida but I do not miss the people.

So we’re considering once again trying to get to Maui. It’s probably going to take a couple of years if Obama stops trying to fix shit but if he continues his socialist policies we may never be able to move. That cap and tax bill of his would add 10’s of thousands of dollars to the cost of selling a home. That would probably be the deal killer for us. If all Americans have to “green up their homes” to sell it, well this dump would cost a fortune to green.

So I pass the time with various activities to justify living here. I do enjoy the roads in the area as far as riding a motorcycle goes. The streams are close but I haven’t even bothered to go fishing. I did some geocaching last winter and spring but a couple of hiders who enjoy people not finding their caches sort of put a negative spin on caching for me. I’ll probably go find a few once the motorcycling isn’t available. Not sure yet about that. I know that all those caches I hid this year are mostly sitting there not being found so I guess this valley is pretty dead anyway.

I have grandkids coming over this evening. I had one set of grandkids visiting last weekend and the other set is ready to invade. I keep hoping my youngest son will get his kids a couple of BMX race bikes but the odds of that are pretty slim. If they had them I’d keep busy taking them to races. I just won’t spend the money for bikes myself as I already bought my own kids bikes. Time for my kids to step it up.


So once Brett Farve has unretired. What a shame that this once fine quarterback has so many issues. If I owned the Vikings I wouldn’t have even considered him the first time and now he’s going to take up a roster spot from a player who actually might finish the season with them? Remember last season? He finished the season playing very badly and the Jets were very willing to release him as they did NOT want to deal with his drawn out retirement or not retiring plans.

Absolutely a nutjob right now. I’ve always considered him a good quarterback, not a great one but good. I loved the passion in which he played the game and admired his desire to win but that desire caused him to force in a lot of passes that should not have been thrown. So he’s a long ways from the greatest ever (That’s Joe Montana) but he’s solid, mostly.

Now he’s a nutjob/whackjob and the Vikings are only enabling this guy.


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