Gina Carano VS Cyborg Santos

gina-carano-picAt left is Gina Carano who is the “face” of womens MMA and as you noticed also the body. She is pretty and deadly, usually. I’ve known a few beautiful women who enjoyed screwing with men a lot while smiling but Gina punches people in the head while smiling. Last night in the championship match Gina lost her first match to Cris “Cyborg” Santos. The fight was stopped at the end of the first round due to strikes and Gina honestly probably isn’t looking so hot this morning as those strikes really tore her up. While it was stopped at the buzzer it was a good time to stop it. Even though I’m a huge Carano fan I’m glad it was stopped.

But during the fight Gina had her moments. She did a reverse, also took Santos down and landed quite a few strong strikes of her own but Santos just took it all and kept coming. It was a beating for sure but I have a feeling Santos woke up with a few bruises and aches of her own.

Gina was offered a “spread” in Playboy magazine several times and has always turned them down. She gathers fans at the start from her looks but once you see her in an interview you can’t help but really like her. My wife is a big fan of hers too but at the end of this fight my wife was yelling ‘STOP IT”. It was a tough loss but there are very very few undefeated fighters in MMA and I don’t believe anyone has ever retired undefeated. Gina will bounce back and be stronger than ever.

This youtube video has the entire fight in it but I’m not sure how long it will stay on youtube. If it were UFC it would have been deleted already but Dana White is a dumbshit who doesn’t want women in the UFC. It’s from Strikeforce on Showtime and hopefully they won’t be as anal as Dana White and allow it to stay on youtube.

My granddaughter Lucy hasn’t any plans to become a MMA fighter just yet.

Lucy now rides without training wheels at age 4 on Twitpic


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