Lower The Volume

smokerThis weekend Prospect is holding it’s annual Timber Jamboree or whatever the hell they call that thing. It’s your typical rural small town deal where flatlanders visit the locals and most usually they’ll end up feeling better about themselves. You have screwed up kids? Who doesn’t but no way did you get the head start on shitty parenting than the soon to be mommy did in that photo. An unfiltered smoke in one hand and most likely a beer in the other and a crack pipe in her pocket. OK well I have no idea what is in her pocket or in her other hand but you get my drift. That your daughter there airing out her huge mommy bump? Do us all a favor and kick her ass.

I got a kick out of The Obama’s statement that the protesters need to “lower the volume”. Are you fucking kidding me? How low was the volume when his dear friend Ayers blew up a police station in San Francisco? How low as the volume when liberals protested the VietNam war? How low was the volume when returning war veterans were called baby killers and spat on? How low was the fucking volume when Bush was president?

You want the volume lowered?


I really don’t want to take care of that losers health or her screwed up babies either.


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