Grandkids For A Bit

Dark_BeerSo today I was taking my granddaughter Maddie back home when I thought about going to the BMX track in Medford first. You see her daddy and her uncles all raced BMX back in the day. Her daddy David was an average racer but he enjoyed it. Her uncle Mikey was an expert racer and a national champion at the age of 7. Well thinking that Maddie has the genetics to well at cycling I figured it was worth a shot. It probably wasn’t. Most of the time was spent with Maddie blowing snot bubbles and saying “I wanna go home” and me saying “okay honey, you don’t have to do this” with her following it up with “I wanna do this really bad” and me saying “Okay whatever you want” and back and forth and back and forth.

Eventually Maddie’s mommy showed up. I watched carefully the interaction between them because I figured that a single mom probably turned her daughter into a sniveling wreck of a pussy. Not really as eventually mommy used the F word so I knew all was well in that area. Maddie just has lousy self confidence and needs a lot of time being built up before she’ll want to do the racing thing.

But my grandson by Mikey is the same age as Maddie and should be racing. He has a clunker BMX bike but jumps it like a madman. Kaleb needs a race bike. I called his daddy up and told him that he needed to quit talking about getting his kid a bike and just fucking get one. I told him a mini bmx bike could be had for 329 dollars at Riders Choice Bikes in Medford. He was looking for a “used” one and that really pissed me off. I told him that I paid 500 dollars just for his frame and fork and then spent 2000 dollars tricking it out for him. I also told him that I would take Kaleb to the races but that HE needed to cut loose with a few bucks. I didn’t expect him to rush over with the money but at least he knows I’m pissed about his being a slacker with his son.

Sometimes being a parent is a bit more than taking them for ice cream. I made sure each of my kids got to participate in whatever sport they wanted to do. Mikey was a champion bike racer at every level. David was an excellent soccer player and Doug my oldest? Well, he was cute.

At any rate David is on his way down with his twins. We’ll have the twins and Maddie over tomorrow night. I plan to take them all to the BMX track again to see if Maddie might do better after a night to think about it. I know there were many times in my life that I did better when I had a little time to process the new information. We’ll see.

Why is Obama’s poster up there? Cause Beaver Lover sent it to me and it’s funny and it’s pretty damn close to being the exact truth. I enjoyed watching Obama squirm at a Montana town hall meeting today. He spent a lot of time agreeing with everyone with once again not having a single answer to any question. Amazing how you dumb shits think he’s working out. Oh wait, are you finally changing your mind? You’d better or we’re all screwed.


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