Arlen Specter gets his ass chewed out

Arlen Specter, he of zero principles, really got his ass chewed out by an elderly man at a town meeting. I guess switching parties hasn’t made his path any easier. At age 79 Specter changed parties because he knew he could not win a primary election in the Republican party in 2010. Now this guy has pretty much been a rubber stamp for Obama even as a republican anyway. Funny how the audience member was shoved around for a minute. Remember Obama told his minions to shove back twice as hard. Chicago politics at it’s best.

The audience member is nearly as old as Specter and not all that clear of thought but it shows the anger of many Americans. Specter is a turdbucket as is Obama. They are going to ram that crap down our throats if you pussys don’t get off your asses and write your elected officials. Tonight there is a town meeting in Grants Pass. I suppose it will be filled with nazis, brown shirts and paid insurance company members if we are to believe Nancy Pelosi. Do you think this eldery man was a nazi?

I’m picking up my grandaughter Maddie this afternoon as she’s spending a couple of nights with us. She won’t ask me about health care or even my personal health. She’ll ask if we can go to McDonalds and if she can ride the horses. She’ll want to know if I love her and she’ll tell me she loves me. We need to fight these socialists or the world she’s going to inherit is going to be pretty screwed up.

OK, I need a motorcycle ride. Then maybe I’ll oil my assault weapons.

updateHere’s a little video of a genuine astro turf support group as busloads of Obama supporters show up to support him. Not to mention the legions of supporters of Obama with drums to drown out the protests. You people need to get over it, shut up and let the socialists do whatever they want!!


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