Cash for more than Clunkers

So of course The Obama is being praised by all that love Him for turning around the car industry (that he owns) by throwing a billion dollars in gifts at people who can afford to buy new cars. In fact it went so well that the billion dollars only lasted about 6 days. Don’t worry, we have more money to throw at people who can afford new cars. It’s a stimulus bitch. Live with it.

So this morning my wife and I jumped in the 12 year old pile of crap and go to breakfast. On our way home we drive past the dealer and see a long line of “clunkers” turned in for a free 4500 dollars worth of taxpayers money. There were maybe 2 cars that were worse than the one I’m driving but I would have loved to have been able to get any of those other clunkers.

So then I begin to think about the value of this program outside of the fact that the government is “stimulating” an industry that they own with my money. Are they driving up the cost of used automobiles by taking close to a million used cars off the market? What about the price of used parts? Each of those clunkers could be parted out. Recently I bought a used air conditioner pump from the junkers for 125 bucks. There are hundreds of thousands of used air conditioning pumps being destroyed in the name of “greening” up the planet.

Well expecting the best from the government is always a dumb idea.


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