All Day On The Motorcycle

MarkDawnI did get out and do a poker run today. It went from the Rogue Valley to Crescent City on the coast. The couple on the bike in front me of are Mark and Dawn. We were cruising back home on I-5 a bit over 85 when I snapped this pic with my camera phone. Mark and Dawn were scuba students of mine years ago. They both took to diving like a, ummmm, fish to water? Well they were easy great students and eventually I was proud to train Mark all the way up to Instructor. He now teaches where I used to work.

Photo08071950Now this second photo shows my son David’s girlfriend Melanie who happens to be sending me a text message at the moment David snapped the pic. My son has dated one hell of a lot of fucked up women over the years and he’s managed to have 4 children with some of them. Well one of the crack whores he knocked up is so screwed up that David actually got custody of the twins. Yeah for a woman to lose custody of her children in hairy arm pitted green hate men Oregon she has to be one fucked up bitch. Along comes Melanie during this process and low and behold she’s the woman the twins call mommy.

Sure you have to consider that Melanie is yet another fucked up meth addict but instead her only vice seems to be my son. She owns her own home, earns good money and does not need a man in her life to “make it”.

So what the fuck is she doing with David? Well I already told you. It’s her vice. She’s not perfect. She seems to like personality more than almost anything else. Go figure. In fact she’s fun enough that even though her usual indulgence is a massage, pedicure and a vodka she went quading this weekend over on the coast with my son. Yeah the hair is really red, another “red” flag, I know.


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