Smoking Ban Is Happening

Bagdad is putting in a total smoking ban in all public places. Cigarettes sell for 40 cents a pack there and they are widely used. But I don’t think it will be as difficult to enforce as the article claims it will be because those people are pretty used to doing what the government tells them to do. When you live in a nation where being raped by the rulers son is “just something that happens” a smoke ban may not seem so harsh.

I’m starting to think we live in a nation that is starting to get used to doing what it’s told. Well then again those darned right wing nutjobs wearing swastikas at town meetings aren’t making it easy to turn the populace into sheep. Swastikas you say? Well your speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi was caught on tape bitching about all those neo nazi’s who are disrupting the town halls where people are demanding answers to Obamacare. The nerve of those nutjobs, wanting answers to questions that can’t be answered honestly. What are they thinking?

Have you seen those neonazis? A bunch of old guys in baseball caps and old women on their way back from the senior center. Pelosi is a cunt. Bush was questioned and attacked on every issue. The left demanded that he be tried as a war criminal but demanding answers makes you a nazi?

Thank god for those town hall meetings. It gives me hope that we won’t turn into a nation of sheep, but not much hope. Have you clicked on the link over to the right so you can contact you elected reps? You haven’t? Well then….baaaa ………. baaaaa.

For those who aren’t sheep click on THIS LINK and spend a couple of minutes telling your elected officials what you think. Our future demands it. Don’t count on those blue dog democrats to save us, let them know what you think because those blue dogs bark but they never bite. They’ve voted yes for the stimulus AND for cap and trade.

Get them now, write now and write again later.


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