Obama Less Popular Than Bush Already

I’m not talking about the poll’s results at the end of Bush’s 8 years but at 6 months in. Obama’s numbers now show that his approval is right at 50% and only Bill Clinton had worse numbers at this stage. But Clinton got elected and so those of us with a brain shouldn’t take too much heart.

The Quinnipiac poll also shows that only 39% of voters approve of how The Obama is handling health care while 52 percent disapprove. That’s a huge drop over the past month. Could it be that being dismissive over those who are protesting at this “democratic” town hall meetings is backfiring? Insulting the American people probably isn’t the smartest thing the intellectual socialists have ever done. They got their guy elected but much like Clinton they are finding Americans aren’t for his policies. Clinton was someone who would adjust. I doubt The Lord Obama is.

More good news is that The Obama’s storm troopers want any websites that have “dis-information” about Obamacare to be turned into the white house. Can you imagine? The right of free speech is about to be squished. You stupid turds elected this assclown and now we are all facing the consequences.

Also on the Cambridge incident where his friend Gates was arrested for being a dumb shit only 33% approve of how Obama handled it. That’s pretty funny. He really shouldn’t go off teleprompter again.

I’m off to go change the oil on my bike so I can get some riding it. Well maybe not today, it’s pretty much looking like rain going on right now.


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