Props To Bill Clinton

bill-clinton-photograph-c10102849I’m going to do something I seldom do and give some props to President Bill Clinton for bringing home the two female American reporters who were held in a North Korean prison and serving 12 years hard labor on a bullshit charge. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider Bill Clinton a hero as Lance Armstrong does but it may have been the right guy for the job of escorting home the Americans.

First of all Bill Clinton isn’t some sort of double O agent or anything. In fact I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have gone there if the brokering hadn’t already been done by someone in advance. He was the chaperon and a former US President so the mad man Kim Jong was made to feel important. I guess you could say Clinton’s status as an international handshake-for-hire has been updated and appreciated.

Now what I appreciate about Bill Clinton is that during the process of posing with the Korean leader he never smiled. He had a serious look on his face. No bullshit Obama crap happened and he certainly didn’t apologize for America doing something stupid, or stupidly or whatever. He reminded me of those prisoners in North Vietnam being paraded around for political purposes. Bill understood his job and he did NOT try to make it all about Bill Clinton. Hear that Lord Obama? Learn from it.

But why not send Bill’s wife? After all she’s Secretary of State. That should fall under the job description wouldn’t you think? Well maybe, just maybe it’s because Hillary’s a woman. Not every nation who’s ass we kiss has much regard for women ya know.

So Willie a job well done and I thank you and appreciate your efforts. Now I’m going to kick back and see how in heck The Obama can earn all the credit.


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