Poker Runs n Geocaching Event

I’m finding that I am getting too wrapped up with the socialistic takeover of our country so today I’m going to talk about a couple of other things to do that I enjoy much more than Obamaism.

This weekend I have a couple of motorcycle poker runs to do. On Saturday I’ll be starting the ride in Wilderville Oregon and finishing in Crescent City California. It’s called The 6th Annual Run to the Coast and since it starts in a hot zone and finishes in the coastal fog there will be some clothing stops along the way.

The on Sunday I’m doing the VFW Rogue River Memorial Run which like the Saturday ride is a benefit ride. Both of them are for people who’ve fallen on hard times or have drug abuse issues or something else. I’m not sure but I get to ride my motorcycle and looked at fucked up posers on their motorcycles. All good right?

I’ve had a couple of urges to do a little geocaching lately but not enough to actually load up the gps and go look for stuff especially since it’s been pretty damn hot out there. But next month in September there is an event called 6th. Annual Pizza By The Creekside and it’s being put on by two of the local favorites Iseek and Eyeseek2. So we may or may not go to that event but sitting here today it seems like a good idea. Who knows what I’ll feel like doing next month.

I suppose I should head out across the driveway and see if the mother in law is still breathing. I haven’t checked on her in a couple of days. She appears nice and sweet and feeble but usually when I go over there she hands me a dead digger squirrel that usually has missing tail and legs and occasionally the head is missing too but she blames it on the kitty cat. I guess it’s probably the cat but just in case I’m packing heat when I cross over to her place.


OK I lied, had to put this youtube up. It’s short and worth listening to.


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