A Barack Poster Upsets the Intellectuals

BarackSo this poster has the “intellectual” left wing media up in arms. I guess it would have been much funnier if it had depicted The Obama’s children getting knocked up at a Yankee’s game but no the right wing nutcases seem to lock into making fun of the politician himself, not their family. Let me quote from one of them.

So if this free speech at work? For those of you that think so, how about if it was a well conservative figure depicted in a Nazi uniform, is that okay too?

We look forward now to comments from the weak minded who will tell us how this is all fair play given how poor George W. was picked on and openly mocked.

So first off if I think that’s funny I’m weak minded? They remember Bush and what they did to him and his daughters but forget what was done to Palin and her family? Again it’s a simple thing. Make fun of politicians but not their families, something the left can’t quite get down with.

Another source has the Presidents supporters calling the poster mean spirited and “dangerous”. Really? Dangerous? I say that it’s dangerous to Obama’s socialist policies. It’s dangerous to his Trillion dollar plus health care system thrown on top of a bankrupted social security system.

People are waking up. Even the main stream media is growing weary of his staged press conferences. Do you know that Obama has already had more press conferences in 6 months than Bush did in 8 years? Oh if you recall Bush’s weren’t staged. He faced a hostile press core every time. So I give Bush credit for having Balls and Obama credit for being a pussy.


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