Audience Shouts Down Sebelius, Specter at ObamaCare Town Hall in Philadelphia

Now if you haven’t clicked on that video please do, it is worth watching. Both Sebelius and Specter support the Obamacare and when Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius defended Senator Specter because the Senate bill hasn’t been written yet the question came to my mind then why is he supporting the bill already if it’s not written? The crowd of 400 didn’t buy it either. I wish The Obama had the balls to allow the woman doing the questioning here to question him at a press conference BUT he and his teleprompter haven’t got the guts. She’d tear him up.

Now here’s the deal, we are in a serious fight. Click on that link to your elected officials on the right of this page and send them emails or call their offices. Some people are doing this and it’s having an effect. Don’t rely on them to do your job. Stay away from the pron pages for 10 minutes and write your senators and congressman and let them know this national health care is a mistake.

This morning I was watching The Obama’s press secretary Gibbs mumble through another shot at “read my lips, no new taxes” while the tax cheat Geitner and others are saying they have to consider taxing everyone in order to socialize America.

Don’t let them do it friends. Don’t be lazy and stupid. We can stop it.


On a lighter note I found this ad and loved it. While I’m no Harley rider I am a certified gun nut and this promotion could get me over to the other side.


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