Oh a Krazy Glue Revenge…Just WRONG


So let’s see you’ve got a little sumthin sumthin going on with a babe and she’s thinks you’re all faithful n shit but you’ve got a little sumthin sumthin going on with another chick that thinks you’re faithful while you also have a little sumthin sumthin going on with 3 chicks who, are clueless. Well this guy, who also was married at the time did exactly that but it seems all three women got together and did, well, bad bad things.

One of the 3 women lured him to a motel room and tied him up with promises of kinky stuff to follow. Then she called in the other two women by sending them a text message. See, you knew talking her into texting wasn’t the best idea ever right?

Well you know how the bitches act when they’re convinced they’ve been wronged. Let’s set this straight, his wife wasn’t there, just the 3 Ho’s he’d been banging. So they all start smacking him around, talking shit and then of course the estrogen started flowing and the next thing you know out comes a tube of Krazy Glue and they start gluing his private parts up as though they were some stupid broken vase or something. Yeah he’s yelling and hating it and the bitches are all having a good time.

They demanded to tell them who he loved and who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with (great time for that question huh?) and slapped him sum all the while he’s thinking that Krazy Glue is getting kind of warm. I’m pretty sure he was wondering when the knife was coming out but he escaped that part of the party.

So he was taken to the hospital and they reported that he was treated for “minor” injuries.

Minor? You know that was a bitch issuing that statement right?


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