Alice Is Coming Back!

I think my favorite ass kicking female role of all time is Alice in the Resident Evil movies. At the end of Resident Evil 3 it looks as though Alice might be passing the torch to another hottie in Ali Larter but Milla Jovovich is on board and it just may be shot in 3D. Her fiance or hubby or whatever he is makes 3D movies and made the first three Resident Evils so, yaaay. They are working on the movie right now and she’s bringing all her clones along too.

Tonight one of my favorite TV series is on HBO. I’ve become a big fan of True Blood and while I’m sure I would have barfed on all those Sookie books the TV series has been designed so that straight men can feel good about watching it. I mean it isn’t just about Sookie and her vampire lust. It’s also about Jason banging hot chick after hot chick who all end up dead afterwards. Hmm Jason just laid down the preachers wife who looks as though she’s going to throw Jason under the bus in tonights episode.

It’s also about Sam the bartender who is a kind shape shifting puppy who recently started banging a hot new waitress at his bar who has strange scars on her back. Turns out she’s not just pretty and looking good wet but she’s also evil or controlled by an even more powerful evil shape shifter and Sam looks as though he’s going to get neutered tonight.

Then there is the sexy redheaded brand new vampire that comes from a very religious nutcase family who was not at all very sympathetic but is in the middle of a romance with a human and finally could get laid, maybe tonight?

Sookie got tossed under the church and may be getting fed to a vampire who is going to be sacrificed at first dawn for all the religious nuts to enjoy at the church where Jason got laid.

It’s well written and while I’m not sure someone can just jump in and enjoy it as much as someone like myself who is an every episode veteran but I don’t think it would take someone very long to figure it all out and it’s worth doing. Don’t be a pussy, check it out.


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