Cash For Clunkers and then Obamacare?

What a wonderful job our government has done with the Cash For Clunkers program. They allocated a billion dollars with the intentions of it lasting at least until October. It lasted a total of 6 days. That crack team of Obama, Pelosi and Reid really know their stuff AND of course if they couldn’t make a billion last even a week on the Clunker program how long will that trillion dollars last if they get their wishes on health care?

Don’t be a fool. Click on the link over to the right and write your elected officials. Tell them you do NOT support the nationalized health care program in any shape or form and that you’ll be very active come election time if it passes with their votes. Don’t rely on Fox news to do your job for you.

So today might be a decent day to get a motorcycle ride in but it’s pretty darn smokey out there. There is a forest fire just a few miles away and it’s screwing up the air quality. I suppose I’ll just hang out and see if it gets any better for an evening ride.

I just got off the phone with my buddy Don in Key West. He and I were scuba instructors at the shithole Rogue Scuba some time back. They use SSI as a certifying agency. SSI is a smallish agency especially compared to PADI. Don went back to Key West and switched over to PADI and suddenly he’s working 7 days a week teaching and leading dives. He’s actually making decent money there. I suppose I should have switched over myself instead of hanging around a poorly run tiny agency.

OK it’s time to pretend to get something done around here. Remember for every night spent partying there is an ugly sunrise waiting for you.


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