Are You as Sick of Freaks as I am?

I can’t believe this story.

So this freakizoid in Medford Oregon asks a 15 year old teen girl to try on a pair of shoes to see if they’d work on his wife. Being the kind gentleman he helps her slip them on and then starts kissing on her lower legs and getting himself all worked up. Of course it’s in a public store and she ain’t gonna be into it any time soon so she pushes him away and he runs out. WTF? Are you kidding me? Pictures of the idiot on posted on that link I provided.

I suppose it’s not as bad as the incident back when I was about 9 and a guy asked me if I wanted to pet his puppy so I walked over to his open car window and there he was doing something that really confused me. Guys do that crap? Well of course years later I discovered that lots of guys do that crap, just not in public or in front of kids. There have been sick bastards turning themselves on over weird shit forever I guess. I wish them all a painful death.

So the minor down the street turns you on and you just feel the need to express yourself? Personally I think the most effective way to make a statement is to simply stick a gun in your mouth and to go for it. Don’t pussy out now, pull the trigger baby and force someone else to clean up the mess.


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