The White House Beer Fest

So today The Obama sits down with a dear friend (must be black) African-American scholar Henry Gates and white police officer James Crowley for a round of beers. Of course it’s all about covering up The Obama’s obviously ignorant racial fueled comments he made last week when Crowley arrested Gates for being a dumbass who refused to show his ID and created a disturbance after a call was made by a neighbor that someone was breaking into Gates home. Guess that should teach the neighbor a lesson huh? If you have an angry black Harvard professor living next door NEVER NEVER NEVER try to help lest you be thrown under the bus for your efforts.

You have to wonder what a dumbass The Obama is for sticking his foot in this particular pile of crap. He admitted he knew nothing and then called the Cambridge Police Department ignorant. Yeah The Obama is one ignorant man at times. Still he’s managing to turn this around and trying to convince America that police need to treat those poor oppressed blacks with kid gloves.

It’s all deflection people. It’s about keeping your mind off of his socialist takeover of one industry after another. The government can’t run the postal system, medicare and medicaid OR social security but some of you dumbasses think they can run the health care system. Yesterday he gave another little talk where he was unable to convince anyone with a brain that the government knew what it was doing. Just vote for it, vote for something, for gods sake support it. We don’t know what it is or what it really costs but pleeeassse, support it.

If you do you’re too stupid to follow along so go back to the cartoon network and get off of here. The rest of you need to email or call your congressman and senators. If you don’t you screwed yourself.

For myself I plan to have an Amber Bock sans President and intellectuals right after my daily emails.


I found an interesting article and I thought I’d cut and paste it here. It seems two Georgia Policemen were suspended for doing a background investigation on The Obama. Just makes ya wonder doesn’t it?

In DeKalb County, Ga., police officers Ryan White and C.M. Route were suspended while their department investigates allegations that they used a county computer system in their squad car to run a background check on President Obama.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Secret Service notified the local department about the background check, conducted on July 20 about 4:40 a.m.

Public Safety Director William “Miz” Miller was not amused.

“I want everyone to know that we take these allegations very seriously,” he said in a statement. “We expect our officers to adhere to professional standards and departmental policy. Furthermore, we do not and will not condone the inappropriate use of county equipment or resources.”

The things that make ya go hmmmmmm


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