Damn Cars

My wife took the car to work yesterday and on her way home at 10pm it starts overheating. She made it home ok and I figured it’d mean that I’d have to change the thermostat. Well maybe it does but after looking under the hood I’m not changing anything more than the oil. They don’t make these modern pieces of shit so a regular guy can work on them. Now I have to schedule something with the mechanic. Yippee! I was hoping to piss away more money I don’t have.

It’s been too warm to ride the motorcycle much this week. That’s the problem with Oregon, it’s either too cold or too hot. Very seldom do you have a period of time when it’s just right. When we lived in San Jose I could ride a motorcycle year around but up here it’s pretty much a 6 month season at best. I’m starting to hate it more and more but I’m stranded here. I used to say I’m stranded until the economy turns around but now with The Obama in charge of my future it’s starting to look like I won’t have one.

I think I’d better go have a McMuffin.


So we go outside to jump in the pickup and go get some breakfast when I discover the battery is totally dead in the damn pickup. Yeah it’s gonna be a great day. Who needs breakfast right. So now I’m forced to head down the hill on the motorcycle so I can get our piece of crap truck running. Carrying a truck battery on a motorcycle sounds like a great way to start the day.

Well to shorten it all up the morning involved a stop at McDonalds for the McMuffin, a stop at the motorcycle shop for oil and a filter and a stop at WallyWorld for the battery. We get home and install it before noon so we managed to beat the 100 degree cutoff by a single degree. It’s back up to 105 already with lots of time to break records.

Amber Bock. It may not be the answer but it’s the medication.


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