Tony Romo dumps Jessica????

Maybe Jessica Simpson is one of those really hot chicks that guys get sick of after a few romps in the sack. I dunno but I have given her sack skills considerable consideration. Maybe it’s something deeper and darker.

I figured her first ex Nick somethingorother was just one of those semi famous pretty boys who hadn’t come to terms with his gayness yet. Tony Romo is a football player so you wouldn’t think he would be pulling a Rock Hudson deal with a fake gf/wife but Tony is a quarterback. Outside of Joe Montana or maybe Brett Farve every quarterback is a gay pussy. No need to discuss that further, it’s scientific fact.

So maybe what poor Jessica needs to do is stay away from those pussy haven’t figured out I’m gay pretty boys for awhile. If she has to date guys with a resume I’d suggest a hockey player. Say what you will about those dense toothless wonders, they ain’t pussies. They’re actually manly men. But don’t go for a scorer, go for a defenseman with lots of scars and few teeth. After she gets boarded a few times she’ll be sold and I have a feeling he won’t be running off with one of the back street boys when the ice starts to melt.

Poor Jessie. Can anyone help?


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