It’s a Monday Morning

I woke up and checked google news and guess who signed a contract to bring you a reality show with the same people that brought you Breaking Bonaduce? It’s that stretched out nutcase “Octomom” Nadya Suleman who has each of her 14 children making 250 dollars a day. Well that does make the state of California a tiny bit closer to a balanced budget if they can get that freak off of the welfare roles.

And you thought Jon n Kate plus 8 was over the top? I can only imagine what this show has in store for us.

So yesterday my wife and I went to see a chick flick called The Ugly Truth. Usually I feel sort of emasculated when I see chick flicks even when they do star hot babes like Katherine Heigl who also starred in “Knocked Up” which was another chick flick disguised as a buddy film. It also starred Gerald Butler who did not run out there yelling S P A R T A A A while wearing a dress this time. But it was a very funny film and it made me blow snot bubbles so I have to give that baby a “go see it” for the guys and you’ll earn emasculated brownie points for your babe yet strangely feel like a man doing it.

Does Katherine Heigl emasculate the manly Gerald Butler by the end of the film? Hey it’s a chick flick…..

OK I’m down the hill for an Egg McMuffin. Maybe I”ll see ya there?


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